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How Does Ghost Radar Work

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What settings should i set for the ghost radar for iPod Touch?
I want to know what is the recommended settings for the ghost radar app for iPod touch. thanks :D.

whats a ghost radar? sounds cool though.

What do the different color dots on Ghost Radar Classic mean.?
I love Ghost Radar Classic and I noticed there are blue dots, green dots, red dots, and yellow dots. I would like to know what the different colors mean.? And what do the numbers in the corner mean.?

yellow: far away green: closer than yellow blue:more closer red: EXTREMELY CLOSE

What are some good ghost hunting apps for the ipod touch 4G?
So far I have found ghost radar. I don't like the paranormal state emf detector because it just gives random readings to make it seem real. Any other legit apps out there? Thank you! :)

Really the radar is the best app out there as far as ipod goes.

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