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How Does Fifty Shades Freed End

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What is the ending of fifty shades freed?
Hi im going away on my hols and wont have time toread the final book in the series so could you please tell me the ending of fifty shaeds freed?

I'm pretty sure you could read the book when you come back off holiday? After all the book won't be going anywhere. However, if you really want to know, Ana and Christian get married. Ana gets pregnant and Christian goes mental and gets drunk. Jack has kidnapped Mia and insists that Ana gets him some money or he'll kill Mia, he'll also kill her if she tells anyone. She goes to the bank to collect the money and the bank phones Christian, Ana tells Christian she's leaving him just so he will leave Ana alone so Mia won't get killed. Ana goes to Jack and he knocks Ana to the floor so Ana shoots Jack in the leg, Christian turns up just in time. Mia is saved. Ana is in a coma for a couple of days. Ana has a boy called Ted and is also pregnant with a daughter at the end of the book. That's just some of the things that happen in the book, you will really have to read the book yourself to understand it.

In fifty shades freed does christian keep Leila's artwork?
Ok so I am reading fifty shades freed and I have skimmed over a few parts and I came across the part when Anna and Leila are talking and leila says that christian has bought some of her artwork and apparently they are hung up at there house and I was wondering (considering im too impatient to get to that part) If he ends up keeping them now that Ana knows that there from his ex sub?

They weren't his style so he got rid of them :o)

Who do you think should play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?
The books have obviously created quite a storm and everyone had their own opinion on what he looks like etc. Personally I think that Michael Fassbender would be perfect (if slightly too old), and if anyone else has seen Shame you have some idea of why! On the other hand I think the role could really benefit from a relatively unknown actor. So yeah who do you want it to be? Feel free to link to a picture to illustrate! Also I would be really interested to hear guys opinion on the book if they've read it!

Great books! My vote for Christian Grey would be Matt Bomer, and for the part of Anastasia I would vote for Alexis Bledel. At the end of the day it is down EL Ja.mes to decide, she is the one who wrote the book and has an idea of what Christian looks like. They are saying that because Matt is gay in real life he would not be able to play the part of Christian. Straight actors play the part of gay men in films, so what does it matter what Matt's private life is all about. Rock Hudson, was a real heart throb with the ladies and he was gay, his acting abilities made him a Hollywood Legend. I am looking forward to seeing the film regardless of which actor plays Christian, but of course I hope it will be Matt Bomer.

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