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How Does Fedex Smartpost Work

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What is fedex smartpost and can my package come today?
I got a package shipped from amazon and at first it's estimated delivery was 29-30. Now it is the 30th, and there is nothing in the mail. Yesterday it arrived only 40 miles away at 5pm, it says it is at "FedEx smartpost" even though it was shipped by usps. Does that mean fedex will be delivering the package and it still may come today, or do I have to wait and get it Monday? Thanks.

Looks like Monday. Fedex only delivers overnight pieces on Saturday.

How long does FedEx Smartpost take to deliver shipped items to USPS?
I ordered an Xbox 360 game from Amazon on October 24. I received a new tracking update 2-3 days ago, and it said my item is being held at FedEx Smartpost (1 hour away from my house). It still says 'arrival scan' on my package, and the estimated delivery date is scheduled for October 31 (tomorrow)! Will Fedex Smartpost be able to get my game delivered to me by then?

since mail is not delivered today then it will be there tommrow between 7am and 11:59pm make sure your home to collect or you will have to wait till the next day

Why was My USPS package was given to the FedEx SmartPost?
Hi. I ordered a Zune HD a few days ago from Amazon. The package should not be that big, it should be able to fit in a mailbox, but in the tracking history, it said it arrived at a FedEx SmartPost place in my state. Can someone please tell me what "smartpost" is different to then a regular FedEx and why they did it? Thank You.

Amazon ships with all the big 3 - USPS, UPS, and FedEx. SmartPost is a combination of FedEx and USPS. If your mailman delivers your small packages into your mailbox, your Zune should be delivered there, too. Enjoy it!

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