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How Does Fb Determine Top Friends

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How does Facebook determine who shows up in your Top Friends list?
I ask simply because an old friend I used to talk to who keeps popping up in the top spot, and I don't know how I should view it. I was always under the impression that friends are generated at random, but this person shows up pretty, am I looking too much into it or is there some sort of reason that happens?

the top friends cums from the ppl tht u interact wit the mos on fb. so whoever picture comments u, messages u, and writes on ur wall the most is who is gonna b on ur top

What determines the top friends on facebook?
since it has updated, on a facebook profile, there are 10 people who show up under "Friends" on the side of the profile. when you refresh the page, its always the same 10 people but in a different order. they're all people i interact with sometimes but not the ones i interact with the most? So, does anyone know what determines that? i know it's not random because these are people i have interacted with on fb at least once in the past.

I saw that, but it was only once.

What do u think are the 3 reasons Myspace went downhill?
Please compare myspace and FB and tell me the 3 reasosn why myspace went downhill. I'm writing a paper and ur opinions will be much appreciated.

I'm a long time user of MySpace and a volunteer in the forums assisting other users, with some of their questions about MySpace, which the forums still exist on MySpace, just that they aren't listed any longer. So I'm not going to compare the two, mainly due to the fact I don't use Facebook. However age wise, MySpace is a few months older than Facebook. MySpace was a social networking site originally Facebook started out as a college site for Stanford University, then added other colleges then schools, in about 2006. In 2008 Facebook opened to everyone. MySpace at it's launch was a social networking site, in the spring 2010, became officially a social entertainment destination. At the early stages the two were quite different, until Facebook, decided to move into the social networking scene.MySpace launched in mid August of 2003, and Facebook was launched in mid February of 2004. There are more than three main things it seems that lead to MySpace's fall. I won't try to place them in a specific order though. While the site had been flagging in users, the change to a social entertainment destination didn't help when compounded with the release of what became called Profile 3.0. Which proved an extremely unpopular move. There was the complete move away from users over the age twenty six and older, alienating more than seventy percent of the user base, targeting only the thirteen, to twenty five year old demographics. The departure of both co-founders Tom Anderson, and Chris DeWolf in April of 2010 also contributed to people leaving because many long time users felt that at least Tom and Chris were at least listening to them. After that the changes in the CEO and President of MySpace, by News Corp to Mike Jones who became very unpopular with users by appearing not to take long time users, and what they had to say in account. Then there was the removal; of groups which also lead to a massive exodus of users. By becoming more about celebrities, and less about the users, and promoting various celebrities on pages with what was called hijacks, wasn't exactly something that was well received by a large number of users. This also helped in leading to the decline in users in the past year The changes, and some difficulties in staying up with changes in site navigation, and where to find the different areas of MySpace, also pushed many users away. Changes in the basic user interface, with more things crammed on to the homepage hasn't been popular with both the older, and even many of the newer users. The loss of long time features such as favorites, the ability to set things top where only friends could message others, and the ability to require the last name or email, also help to drive away a lot of users. This is more of a side note than reason why people left. The porn bot also called web cam whores, along with the sundry spammers weren't as big a factor as some people say. Yes some may have left due to that, or uses it as a reason, but they were there before I got there in March of 2006, and in spades. So in the little over five and a half years I've seen a lot of changes, in the time that I've been on MySpace. However the future and what the future holds for MySpace, is unknown, as the site was sold on June 29, 2011, to Specific Media and minority stake holder Justin Timberlake is yet to be determined, and whether MySpace can regain some of its past glory.

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