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How Does Dwayne Johnson Get So Big

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Wat would u do if you home and the famous wrestler (The Rock) was in your house pissing on your floor?
Dwayne Johnson is the famous wrestler *The Rock* and his big saying is (do you smell what the rock is cooking). He has made it as a icon in the movie business now and to me is a good actor in such movies as *Doom*.

I'm gonna kick his a**

Who is the bigger name in mainstream media the Rock or Hogan or Cena?
I don't know about you but I am more willing to go see Dwayne Johnson in the new GI Joe movie or Fast & Furious instead of the Marine 4 or Thunder in Paradise.

I agree with the others, Hulk Hogan

What is the best arm workout to get muscular arms fast?
180 pounds, 170cm, gyming for two months now and i want to get arms like Dwayne johnson or somewhat in that category

You need to work total body. You cannot gain great muscles fast focusing just on arms. The whole body is intertwined. Want big arms, you need big gluets.

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