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How Does Bar Rescue Work

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Who pays for the renovation done on bar rescue?
Who pays for all the renovations done to the bars on the tv show bar rescue? is it the owners of the bar or the tv show?

It seems like it's the tv show that pays for everything. All of the owners are months or even weeks away from shutting down, so I don't think they would be able to afford thousands of dollars in renovations.

Ladies, would you go into a bar/pub if there were 3 or more motorcycles parked outside?
I recently saw a new show on Spike called "Bar Rescue" where a consultant is brought in to make a bar more profitable. He mentioned a stat that if there are 3 or more bikes parked in front of a bar, there is a 33-5% chance women won't go in (I think it was women over 34). And 6 bikes or more meant a 65% chance women wouldn't enter. If you wouldn't enter, why not?

I love motorcycles. I'd be more likely to go in. That being said, my exes were all quite intimidated by guys on bikes. So they'd be LESS likely to want to go in.

why does jon taffer from bar rescue think hes tough?
ive been watching the show bar rescue alot and noticed that jon taffer thinks that he is really tough. he acts like hes one of the baddest dudes on the planet. so i ask you why does he think hes tough

The real question should be. Why do you pay so much attention to him? In his field he is trying to save entire business' and livelihoods. Something that invokes emotion in both parties. Chalk it up to he getting caught up in the moment and is man enough to not back down.

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