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How Does App Trailers Work

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How come this gives extra points in app trailers?
Why does entering my friend's refferal code: coolio55 give me extra points in App Trailers? I mean I love the bonus points, but does this work for everyone else?

yes it does, or you can: 1. Download App Trailers 2. Make an account in settings. 3. Click enter bonus? code (under videos Menu) 4. Enter the code: flatgibbs1 or wiltshoody1 (1000 bonus) no caps in the code and no spaces in the code.

How to receive your gift cards on app trailers?
I downloaded app trailers and i put in the bonus code 'applecard' and i was told you would get a $10 itunes gift card. How do you put in more codes? Can anyone explain this too me? And, how do you recive these gift cards like how do they get from your ipod to you?

Hey man whoever said you'd get a free code lied. You got 50 points from that referral and you can earn more points and redeem them and they will send you the gift card code..... I've already got 20 bucks worth of microsoft points. You also can't enter anymore bonus codes

How do you enter a code for App trailers?
How do you enter in the code for app trailers? I just got it and it is really frustrating.

Make an account and it will ask you if anyone recommended you. Type in girlygirl1999 and get 25-50 bonus points. Don't type some1's code in if they say you'll get more than that.. That's all you get.. But it's free money lol

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