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Is it ok to use Afrin in very low dosages every night for nasal stuffiness?
I've had chronic nasal rhinitis (stuffiness)for years. Especially noticeable at night when lying down to sleep. For several months I have been taking 1 squirt of Afrin in one nostril each night ( alternating nostrils each night) just enough to help me breathe ok for sleep. Trying to avoid addiction. One spray in one (alternating ) nostril per night is much less than the recommended dosages (which say discontinue after several days). It works great to help me sleep and I haven't noticed any problem. What are the side effects of this (if any) as an ongoing solution? I've tried Nasalcrom-didn't work. Tried nasal irrigation, didn't work. Its probably some kind of dust or mold allergy but I don't want steroid drugs or allergy shots. Thanks for your suggestions

I really worried about Afrin because my daughter got so addicted to it--but my allergist recommended a saline spray, which has worked very well for me, to relieve congestion. I think that in combination with the Breath-Rite strips should give you relief. Good luck!

What happens if you use afrin longer than 3 days?
I have had a cold for 2 weeks. Afrin is the only thing that works for my nose. I cant take sudafed. If I use it too long, how long does the rebound swelling last before I can breathe normal without it?

after about 4 days, the tissue in the nose becomes dependent on the oxymetazoline (afrin). unless, you spray some in there, it remains inflammed/swollen, and you cannot breathe well. you must give it a rest, at least a few days.. or you enter a rebound cycle. try just saline spray (ocean, ayr etc) for those days for some relief. you may want to check with a physician about a steroid nasal spray like flonase if you have trouble too long.

Is it bad to use Afrin to clear your nose?
I use Afrin for my stuffy nose since I am sick. Someone said it might not be good as it's better to just blow your nose to clean out the bacteria or virus.

Yes, it's bad. If you use it for any length of time, you won't be able to breath through your nose without it. It's called a rebound effect. You will need the Afrin to breath though your nose all the time, not just when you are sick. I had a problem with my sinuses earlier this year. I never use Afrin, but I couldn't breath. A friend suggested Neilmed. It's a high volume, low pressure, saline wash of your nose. The solution has flows up one nostril and out the other. Yes, it sounds bad, but it's not that hard to do. It cleans out your nose and sinuses - degunks you. Also the saline helps keep your mucus membranes moist. I used it a couple times a day for a few days, then dropped down to once per day for a couple weeks, now I'm doing it 2-3 times per week, or whenever I feel gunky or clogged. There are several kinds of saline rinses on the market. But, the Neilmed is the only one I have tried. BTW, you flush your sinuses with 250 mL of the saline. It seemed like a lot at first, but now it is no big deal. Anyway. Good luck!

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