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How Do You Write A Name With Jr

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I am looking for the name of a character's mother. I am looking for the name of JR's mother from Barnaby Jones?
I am writing an short story and looking for the name of JR Joneses' mother from Barnaby Jones. I needed your help on this one.

All Barnaby Jones cast members are identified on this webpage. hope this helps

How would you cite a name in MLA format in a bibliography?
In MLA format, the last name goes first in a bibliography. Example: Lincoln, Abraham. When quoting a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., how would I write his name? I was thinking King, Jr., Martin Luther What do you think?

I am pretty sure that is correct. Here is a citation generator, just plug in the information and it will put it in MLA format for you. Then just copy paste it.

Can you name 3 Americans of various backgrounds who made an impact on education?
Hi, I need to find atleast 3 people that I need to write about that impacted or changed education the way it is today. I can't use Obama since it was already used as an example.

One can be MLK (Martin Luther King Jr.) He fought for the right for student of every color to have the same education as whites did, All kids of every color could go to school, black had crappy books while whites had the best books. He's a good one i think

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