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Is a molly a good fish to have with guppies?
I've already asked a question like this before, and I've finally chose a molly! Now I'm wondering if a molly will go good with 6 adult guppies, 14 babies, and a Siamese algae eater? The babies are in a fry net, so the molly cannot get at them. But what I'm trying to say is, when one of my guppies gives birth, will the molly consume the babies before I can get them in the fry net? Because my guppies don't seem to notice their babies. Someone please answer!

That's all I have in my tank are molly's and guppies. They are both considered "community" fish - they will be fine together. As for the babies?? I think it depends on the fish most of the time. I never put my babies in a net and from what I've seen no one has ever eaten them. I also have lots of hiding places for them though. I don't recommend doing that unless you give them plenty of shelter to hide.

What does a squared off molly look like?
My female molly i bought 2 weeks ago has a huge stomach and it kinda drops down a lot until it hits her anal fin is this what squared off molly means? I know she's pregnant but I'm also not sure if she'll have her fry soon. Could someone show me a picture of a squared off molly? By the way she's a dalmation lyretail molly, i've just never had any of my females or heard of females getting squared off before breeding fry.

She may be a balloon bellied molly, they naturally have a round tummy pic of one

How many times can a molly fish give birth?
I want to know how many times can a molly fish have babies. There is one in the tank thats black and its about a week old. The female fish looks pregnant again. Also i want to know if all mollies the same or are there certain breeds and there names. Mine are black and white.

A lot. Mollies can give birth about once a month for their lifetimes, which can be three to four years and sometimes more. Broods of fry can be from just a few to over 100, if the female is large. They will give birth repeatedly (every month or so) after a single mating, for as long as six months, even if they have no further contact with males. There are several wild species of mollies, and many domesticated breeds of mollies. Most of these are variations in colors and fin shapes: Green Molly Black Molly Sailfin Molly Lyretail Molly Dalmation Molly (maybe what you have) Silver Molly Liberty Molly Gold Dust Molly Golden Sailfin Molly Albino Molly Red Albino Molly ... to name just a few.

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