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How Do You Take A Screenshot On Galaxy S3

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How do I take screenshots on a Samsung Galaxy S3?
I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I want to take some screen shots to show off my home screens, how do I do this?

You have 2 options. Either press and hold the home and power buttons. Or, go to settings>Motion>scroll down to hand motion> check it, read how to use it, and it is a much faster and appealing way to take screenshots.

Can the samsung galaxy s3 screenshot like the iphone?
I just got the galaxy s3 today and i love it im just wandering if it can screenshot like the iphone can?

Yes, turn your hand sideways so that the side of your hand/palm is facing down and swipe it across the screen, left to right or right to left.

Questions about phones? Preferably for someone who has had or have the Samsung Galaxy S3?
I want the Samsung Galaxy S3 but I have some questions first. How much is the actual phone and the plan/monthly payment? Is it cheaper than the iPhone? What is your opinion of this phone? Is it a good phone? Does the screen break easily? Does it have a good camera? What apps can i get? Are any of the other Samsung phones better? Or which one do you prefer? Preferably one that is a touch screen and can get apps.

I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and an iPhone 4. I cannot compare the iPhone 4 to the Galaxy because the 4 is aging with the 4s that is the current apple phone. However even with these two compared the Galaxy wins hands down in terms of processor speed. Currently the Galaxy is the fastest phone available in the android market and in whole as well. We have yet to wait for the iPhone 5 to be out and what exact specs it will bring. The Galaxy right now is the Ferrari of smartphones. I've had an android phone before, the Motorola droid and the new android OS 4.0 ice cream sandwich is so smooth and fast and is nothing like its old predecessors where it used to lag and be choppy. It's got neat features being "smart". When you look at the phone's screen for reading or anything the phone's camera will detect your eye movements and will not turn off the screen which normal phones do after a timeout. When you look through your contacts and you hold the phone to your ear it automatically calls the contact you were looking at. When you are away from the phone and you get a missed call or text, it will notify you when you hold your phone by vibrating. When you're in a meeting and you get a call and forgot to turn it to silent you can turn your phone face down on it's screen on a surface OR put your palm over the screen of the phone and it will turn silent. You can take a screenshot of your phones screen just by swiping your palm from right to left on the screen. So it's got a lot of smart features and more. You can play videos in a pop up display while your browsing the web or texting. The camera is 8 megapixels like the iPhone 4s and because of it's bigger screen it a lot better in taking pictures. It even has a smile sensor that when it detects someone smiling it will snap automatically. The durability of this phone is great. There are people who say that the Samsung feels cheap for a premium price using plastics, but this is not a bad thing. The phone is lightweight than the iPhone and it doesn't break easily. I dropped my iphone once while standing onto the road because my grip on the phone slipped. The back glass cover panel broke like how glass breaks. I had to replace the back. I already dropped my Galaxy a couple of times without having a case or cover because the phone was just new and cases were not available yet in the first few weeks being released. Nothing happened to the display. Just a minor scratch on the body. Even the iPhone can get scratches and chips. The Galaxy is slim, lightweight, good design, LTE 4G (the 4s is not LTE compliant, you can use 4g speeds instead of 3g), intelligent, and high performance. Of course it can and will be beaten by another phone, but right now it is the best out in the market being neck and neck with the HTC One X. Out of the Samsung line, this is the best yet, the next would be the Google Nexus phone by Samsung. You get standard apps and you also have radio in the phone. You can download apps in Google Play Store which is just like the App Store in Apple.

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