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How Do You Snapchat Random People

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Is there something like Snap Chat for your computer?
I really like the app SnapChat for iPhone but I lost mine several months ago. I was wondering if there is a similar computer alternative.

There is a download thing called "hamachi" you can add your friends so you don't have randoms talking to you NB=friends have to download to

Who can help me prank my friend?
I want a TON of people to send Snapchats to my friend (his username is magmaman if you feel like helping) What would be a good way to broadcast his username to a bunch of random people so his snapchat inbox will be filled with random pics?

you could forward it to your whole contact list on your phone or email and tell them to forward it to they're friends to and so on or just put it on any social networking site that he doesn't go on so he doesn't see or post it on Facebook and block him as a "joke" and say your mad at him but don't tell him why but make it seem like you aren't seriously mad, that your just kidding around (its not really a joke its just so he doesn't wonder why you blocked him) or just post it and tweet it anyway without blocking it because once its out there he has no way of stopping it lol havvvvvvvve fun!

Are there any valid snapchat usernames?
Ive tried tons of names with random numbers and none of them have worked.

Often times this is a ploy used by sites to keep some people off of it. It could be because of them being a minor or even the parental settings on the computer you're using. It's hard to believe you couldn't come up with a single valid name and I'm almost certain the site is "stonewalling" you for one reason or another. ~m~

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