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How Do You Pronounce Xuan In Chinese

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What's the convention in writing Chinese words and names with English letters?
What sounds do the Q and X stand for? And vowel pairs, like Liu or Leung; how are they pronounced?

Well, it's a bit hard to answer your question, but I'll try it. For Q and X, they're basically short forms for a type of sound that I obviously can't express easily on the internet. For example, for the word 'quan', if you were to pronounce it, it would be something close to choo-an, the two syllables said really quickly to make it one syllable. 'choo' as in the pronunciation of chosen and 'an' as in ban. As for 'x', it's like the same thing but a different sound. 'xuan' would be like shoo-an. Same 'an', and the shoo is pronounced the same way as the english word 'shoo'. For vowel pairs, we pronounced the first vowel first, then the second. For e.g., 'liu' would be 'lee-oo', again said really quickly such that two syllables become one. 'lee' would be the 'li', and 'oo' would be the 'u'. For 'leung', it would be 'lee-ung' - that one is pretty obvious, same way, diff example. Hope my answer helped!

What are some cool chinese boy or girl names? Please add the meanings?
I am trying to write a story and I am thinking of having a chinese character. Please help. Thank You!!!!

For a girl: 朱紫霞 - Inspired by a Chinese mythical fairy's name and the actress who played her. Pronounced "Jyu Ji Ha" in Cantonese or "Zhu Zi Xia" in Mandarin. The name means "violet" and "rosy clouds", but the meaning is not important in this one. For a boy: 儒軒 - Quite literally, it means "high scholar". Pronounced "Yu Hin" in Cantonese or "Ru Xuan" in Mandarin. I did not specify a surname/family name for this one. You may choose one that you like from a list of Chinese surnames, it won't really matter.

What is a good chinese middle name?
We are looking for a chinese middle name for the first name Justin. It has to be easy to pronounce and something that doesnt sound like an american word. The meaning has to be strong too.. Anyone ??? Babies due in 8 weeks and im stumped!!

This is a boy right? How many words do you want for the middle name? A 2-character chinese name, or single character? Some suggestions from my favourites (I assume you know the pronunciations...). 2-characters: Kang-Le: healthy and happy Kang-en: healthy, thankful ('en' means to give thanks) Ying-kang (ying with 3rd tone): clever, healthy (this would've been my name if i was a boy) Ying-han (ying with the 1st tone, han with the 4th tone): brave man (my name's ying han, but pronounced in a different way and thus has different words, different meaning and gender association) Kai-an: triumphant, safe/peaceful Kai-xuan (xuan pronounced with the 2nd tone in chinese): triumphant, brilliant (kai-xuan is the first 2 words in a chinese proverb meaning 'triumphant return') Kai-xuan (xuan with the 1st tone..yes they're 2 different words): triumphant window (implies a window of success) Kai-peng: triumphant, soaring Kai-en: triumphant, thankful An-kang: safe, healthy Jun-yi (jun with 1st tone): gentlemanly, perservering (jun with 4th tone): handsome, perservering Guan-wei: champion, brilliant (wei means one who does great things) Guan-rong: champion, brilliant Guan-hui: champion, brilliant Guan-ren: champion, merciful Zhi-wei: one who aspires to do great things/great ambitions Zhi-heng: great ambitions, perservering Wei-heng: one who does great things and is perservering Wei-qian: one who does great things but is humble 1 character: Kang: healthy Le: happy Ying (3rd tone): clever, brilliant Ying (1st tone): brave Xuan (1st/2nd tone): window/triumphant respectively. I love the meaning of xuan with 1st tone. My cousin has it in his name. En: to give thanks Kai: triumphant, brilliant Peng: to soar Guan: champion Wei: one who does great things Jun (1st or 4th tone): gentleman, handsome Yi: perservering Zhi: aspiring/ambition Heng: perservering Rong: one who shines Hui: one who shines Ren: merciful, kind Qian: humble De: virtue Yong: brave There's so many words you can choose from...Chinese names can be made up of any 1 or 2 characters (out of the dictionary) combined. The meaning of the name will come from the words you choose. So you can mix and match any words. But some relevant advice: please don't call him 'fai' or 'fa' if you can help it, because although those words mean prosperous, they're very cliche and don't reflect well on the level of education of the parents. This is because most people in the past called their children these 'lucky' words (with meanings of prosperity, fortune, luck, dragon, etc.) and it was because those qualities were what most parents wanted their children to be, since they didn't have the privilege of education and (pardon me) didn't know what else to call their children. Some of these words/combos are: fa/fai, fu, wang, cai, yun, lai-fa, wang-lai, fa-cai, ah-cai, long, jin-long (golden dragon). There's some others but those aren't as overused as these, and don't carry as much negative connotations. The words I've given you are either masculine/unisex in meaning and can imply either gender (in the case of unisex names). Like other languages, Chinese has feminine/masculine words as well. And I've made sure none of them fall into the overused, cliched category. All the best in naming your little boy!

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