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How Do You Kill A Vampire

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How could a human kill a vampire in twilight?
In other novels and movies humans always had a some way to kill vampires and werewolves but in twilight they are so damn indestructible, they are not harmed by sun, holy water, crucifix, and a stake to the hard would pretty much be impossible since it would require strength far beyond that of a human. So does this mean humans have no way of killing vampires in twilight? I mean nearly in every vampire novel and movie there are vampire hunters but it seems like humans are pretty much screwed in the twilight sagas

In Meyer's version of vampires, it would not be possible for a human to kill a vampire. Even when they are torn to pieces, which requires immense strength that is far greater than that of any humans, the broken pieces of said vampire has to be set on fire until they're a pile of ash, or else the body parts can actually be reassembled, and the vampire will be good as new in no time. In the books, they mention a 'screeching' sound when a vampire is being torn apart, which implies that their bodies are as strong as, if not even stronger, than metals. So yes, in this particular story, humans are screwed if they want to kill a vampire.

Why are wooden stakes usually used to kill vampires?
1. Yes I know vampires aren't real. I just want to know why stakes are the usual choice of way to kill vampires in most movies or shows. - True Blood - Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel - Vampire Diaries Now can someone explain to me why sometimes vampires are allergic to silver?

Because they are UN-natural, as in their immortality they are dead. So you introduce something natural to remind them what is.

Any cool ideas on how to kill a vampire?
I'm writing a vampire story but I want to come up with my own way to kill vampires. I'm making up my own vampires in general. I don't want the typical "you kill them like this." I want suggestions that are made up. Right now this is all I have. Sunlight gives them something along the lines of a bad sunburn They are deadly "allergic" to spices of any sort. And can be killed by...? I'm thinking vampire fangs of previously killed vampire.

that's a really good idea. you know since you're the one writing the story, I'm not sure you would be satisfied with other people's answers. but i'll try. Rip off one of their fangs, as it's there they keep all their victims' blood, and is crucial for their existence. Cut their head off. Be warned though... their necks are stronger than stone. Except one species of vampires, who possess necks with human sustaining strength. This doesn't work on them, as they have regenerating cells which can cause them to grow a new body in a few weeks. It's reccommended to rip their fangs off after you cut off their neck.

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