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How Do You Ddos A Minecraft Server

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Is using a port for a minecraft server safe? can they track it back?
I would like to know if using the port for the minecraft server is safe, and can they track it back or access info?

yes its completely safe, i have ran a minecraft server for 6 months now and its completely fine, i do however recommend using a host to change your ip from direct to something else. If a hacker gets hold of your direct ip then they can DDoS attack you easily where as with a fake ip, it takes a little big longer to do this. Most modern modems/routers protect against this anyway. Use and make a host, i recommend downloading their software and running it with startup for your pc. you may want to consider getting a craftbukkit server for all them cool things like ranks etc which servers have. good luck :)

worst thing that can happen if i open my minecraft server to the web?
i have a minecraft server and i would like to open it to the world just to see what it turns into. what is the worst thing that can happen? bob your stupid, DeMoN, its actually going to be a grief test vs security server :), so the griefing is expected, and deleting the server hahaha i dont mind i can restore it easily. now the DDOS issue, will that only DOS the server or my hole network?

here are the worst things i can think of starting with the worst 1. someone hacks the server and completely erases it form existence 2. a ddos attack on the server preventing you from accessing the internet 3. getting griefed

Is it safe to make a minecraft sever?
I want to make a minecraft server...but since you have to put your Ip adress, cant people get into your computer from it?

its a safe thing to make a minecraft server the worst thing that I know that can happen is a ddos attack and all that does is lag your server as far as I know but in my own experience of making a server i have never been hacked or had a ddos attack I hope this helped but on the overall minecraft server making is safe

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