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How Do You Charge A Kindle Fire Hd

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How do I know my Kindle Fire Hd is charging?
I just got the Kindle Fire Hd, and I have it turned off and plugged up to the computer. The screen is black, so how do I know if it's charging?

It's quite troublesome that they take around the indicator light on this new Kindle Fire model. You get to check the battery status on the device, or you can install an app for workaround of this issue. Here are those details: Hope this helps.

Where is the best place to buy a Kindle Fire HD and what accessories to I need with it?
I am thinking of buying a kindle fire HD and wondering where the best place to buy one is and also what accessories I need to get for it. Thinking of hooking it up to a tv too. Is this possible and what would I need to do that.

The Kindle is product from Amazon, so Amazon is definitely the best place. You'll get the best warranty service, free shipping, and most likely you don't need to pay tax if you get it from Amazon (you may get to pay additional tax if you get it in stores). The essential accessories are listed on the right hand side of the Kindle Fire sales page below, and they come with special offer if you buy them together with the Kindle device: Here are some accessories that you may need: - Leather Case: To protect your Kindle, and be able to view the Kindle hands-free with the case stand - Accelerated Charger: If you want to charge the Kindle faster - Screen Protector: If you want to get screen of Kindle protected from scratch - 2 years extended warranty: Can have your Kindle replaced, if you broken it accidentally within 2 years, up to 3 claims - Stylus: To be easy to write on the Kindle, and reduce fingerprint Yes the Kindle Fire HD has HDMI (it is micro-HDMI port) and you can connect it to TV for display. You'll need an HDMI cable, but you can get it after your device arrived (it's not in special offer, so no difference even you get it together). Here you can find all accessories for each Kindle device. All item lists are in bestselling order, so it'll help picking the right accessories: Hope this helps.

can you use the kindle fire hd right from a wall plug instead of using the battery?
Like my laptop I don't use the laptop battery as I plug into my power strip and use AC power so I don't burn the battery up. I actually took my laptop battery out. If I can do the same with a kindle fire HD 7 I will buy one right away. I cannot find any info on this. I know I will need the needed adapter if the FIRE is capable of power without using the devices battery. I have router for any wifi devices to get downloads and internet use. Can anyone answer this. Thanx in advance. Bearmeat sorry for the confusing as I do not want to remove the battery from the kindle Fire HD. I just don;t want to use the battery very often and would rather (if possible ) not use battery and run it right from AC outlet if possible. Will nust likly buy one this week anyway .

Supposed you can't remove the battery in the Kindle Fire HD device, just like many other mobile device (e.g. iPhone). It can be used when it's being charged with wall plug, but I haven't heard of using it without battery in the device... The Kindle Fire HD doesn't come with an adapter, but it comes with a USB cable so you can charge it via laptop. The adapter is sold separately, but if you get it together with the Kindle device there's a discount. Further details may be found on the sales page. Hope that helps a bit...

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