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How Do You Bypass Surveys

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Can you bypass surveys for downloading programs?
I have been trying to download a hack and no matter where on the internet i look it just brings me to a survey that i have to fill out to get to the content. Is there a way to bypass those surveys so i can just download the program. I have even filled a few out but they never unlock the download. Can anyone please help? Youtube is nothing but fake videos and ive been spending hours trying to get that program. Can anyone give me some straight answers?

anything with those surveys are viruses don't download cause they pretend they got a hack and after you finish the survey the person who put up the link gets 1$ and you download a virus pretty much DONT DOWNLAOD IT

How to bypass surveys on download sites?
i want to download an important file. but it requires me to finish a survey. i want to bypass the surveys but i don't know how.... any help is appreciated thx! p.s i did some researching and found out that certain methods of removing surveys does not cover download sites.... it only allows the user to get INTO a site instead... these methods does not help me... however i was unable to find a method that bypass the ones on downoad sites. Thx in advance!

I have a solution that problem just watch this video then follow the instruction.. i have already fix my problem with this software thank you

How can I bypass the surveys on sharecash?
I can't complete the surveys for some reason. Is there a way you know of that will allow me to bypass the surveys. Perhaps a greasemonkey script or extension? I use Google Chrome

The short answer: No, currently (May 2010) there is no way to bypass the Sharecrap surveys. The long answer: Any programs/links/scripts you see that claim to allow you to bypass the script are either a.) dead scripts/methods b.) scams to get the user more sharecash points or c.) viruses. First, there are several Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox that *USED TO* work. They stopped working around December 2009 and there have been no Greasemonkey scripts since that time that have successfully allowed you to bypass the surveys, so installing the old now-inactive ones is useless. There also used to be a trick with the browser Opera which has also been dead for 6 months or so. Second, if you see a video on Youtube or a post from some guy claiming he has an easy way to bypass the Sharecash surveys using a program and the program download link he provides *is a sharecash link or another survey/scam link* then it is obviously total BS. People claiming to help people get around surveys by making them take more surveys...this should be an extremely obvious scam but apparently people are still stupid enough to fall for it. Third, I've run into a few download links that will be non-sharecash (megaupload, mediafire, rs etc) and will claim to be a program to allow you to bypass the sharecash surveys, but when you download them or extract them, your anti-virus will go nuts because they will contain a trojan or some other kind of nasty virus. So no, as of now there is no way to get past them...which sucks immensely since 90% of the time spending 20 minutes filling out their godawful surveys STILL won't get you to the real download. Bottom line: Sharecash is a horrendous spam and scam site and should be avoided at all costs, as should the sketchy programs claiming to bypass the surveys.

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