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How Do You Apply For Hgtv Shows

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How do I apply to be on a decorating show?
Say I wanted to apply to be on a TLC or HGTV decorating makeover show. I've cruised through the websites and can't find any way to apply to go on. Any tips?

I went to and went to most searched shows--Design Star--clicked on thatand under Clive Pearse, there's a section for applying by uploading your design video. Hope this helps. Roxanne

Can you fix a spruce tree broken in half?
We had a bad storm last night and our spruce tree snapped in half. It had been about 7' tall and was beautiful. My husband watches a lot of HGTV type shows and swears there is a method to re-join severed tree limbs with screws, etc. I doubt this applies to a severed trunk but we're willing to experiment if anyone thinks it would work. It's on a mound in the middle of the yard so no potential damage if it fell after all.

It really depends on how badly it was broken. Sometimes limbs can be fixed by just tying them back together or by screwing them back together. Even a trunk of a tree can sometimes be fixed. Yet the way you make it sound it is probably too far gone. Even if you can get the tree to survive this ordeal the trunk will forever be weakened and it will not survive future storms and it will keep breaking in that same spot. Its best for you to remove it and replant. Sorry I had to give you the bad news.

How do you apply for the HGTV show Deserving Design? How much does it cost?
I would like to nominate my mother for deserving design. She's worthy in my opinion. How much does it cost? Also, what are some good things to say to make my application sound really good? Thanks so much!!

I would imagine you'd send a video of yourself telling them about your mother to and request a list of rules or whatever. Good Luck. Just point out all of your mother's good qualities and be positive and let them know in your own opinion that she's the best mother around.

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