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How did Zoro Lose His Eye

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Do you think that Zoro has really lost vision in his scarred eye?
Or is Oda just being a troll as usual, and Zoro will soon open his eye and give some strange excuse for why it was closed for so long.

I pretty sure that it is gone. I don't think that he is trolling us. The only time that Zoro has gotten a scar is when Mihawk cut him. I bet that the scar on his eye comes from Mihawk too. I think that Zoro vs Mihawk II has happened already. He lost again and ended up lossing his eye. I think that this is more likely what happened than Zoro just pretending to have lost it. I doubt that this will happen:

Who is your favorite one piece character?
Just wondering who's everybody's favorite character is in One Piece. Can be anybody from the show! Personally my favorite is Zoro. He's a badass. Loyal to his friends, will give his life for his crew and captain. Knows what to say when they are in the worst situations. Just truly a awesome character.. Who's yours and why?

i guess my top favorite would also be zoro. y'know, cause of the way he gets lost(yet somehow still manages to be so freakin' cool), sleeps through storms and is generally very chill. he also aims high, kicks major ass, yet his heart is in the right place and, damn, i cried manly tears when he [spoiler]lowered his head and begged kuma, discarding his dreams for his nakama ;A;[/spoiler] ooh, and when he says something ridiculous with a dead serious expression buhaha i'm weak to deadpan humour~ aaand i'll stop here or i'll start sounding fangirlish. but with a series as long as one piece, having only one favorite is i'll just add a few others- law. i really seem to have a thing for laidback characters, cause he definitely caught my eye. i like his reckless side, and the fact that he's painfully blunt and honest. his powers are awesome and i really don't find him to be cruel...hahah, and bepo <3 crocodile. he's one badass mofo. period. same goes for doflamingo- he is one of those complete whackos, also a tad(okay, maybe not)evil and i like that about him. bon kurei- queer, indeed, but he's such a nice dude, always being true to friendship and his will's something else too, aaah, i could go on and on, and on, but ima stop here. all in all, one piece has lotsa awesome characters...

How do you think One Piece will end?
Though its probably not even close to being finished, how do you think it will end?

Ok first Garp bertrays the marines and sides with Dragon. They need the strawhats (with their new tenth member, ace) to help them overthrow the corrupt world goverment that is now using their abundence in power to make schools all around the world and they brainwash kids to stop them from becoming pirates and becoming slaves to society. The person at the top of the marines ate a devils fruit that allows him to brainwash people by having them look into his eyes. While running through the marine headquarters fighting off low marines they are each faced with an exteremly difficult challenge. Zoro meets up with a brainwashed mihawk and wins becoming the greatest swordsman. Robin must defeat the ultimate enemy from her past Aou Kiji, now Aou was never brainwashed he just wanted to see how things would play out but in the end was on the strawhats side. Brook will engage in a battle where something happens and he has to shave his head. Havnt got the rest of the crews yet. Zoro found Mihawk while lost purposely so he would get no help. After a few more triveal details luffy is alone against the head of the marines. The marine guy pulls out his trump card and calls in the equivelent of ten buster calls just to defeat luffy. He is surrounded by hundereds of battleships on a sinking platform when he hears somone shout "Why not fight him man to man?" Luffy spins around and sees shanks ship in the distance but following him are all of the previous enemy's and friends from the series. There is a fight and they make short work of the battleships. Luffy's haki prevents him form being hypnotized and goes into some new crazy gear and beats the living hell out of him. After the marine head is killed Luffy finds a key to what he presumes is a treasure room. He finds the room at the top of the tower but it isn't a treasure room at all. it is a room filled with papers explaining how Gol D. Roger was created by the marines in order to get all the potential pirates out to sea at once and that one piece was all a lie. Luffy reads them and laughs and says to himself "Thats the lie, no one needs a treasure of gold and gems... The real treasure are your nakama!!!!" With this he runs back to look for his crew finding all of them had just barely survived and there waiting for him on the sunny. Luffy try's to give shanks his hat back but shanks just smiles and says "That hat belongs to the Captain of the Strawhats not me" Luffy laughs and boards his ship Garp barks to them "Don't think this changes anything!!! Even with the Marines abolished the new world goverment is still on you tail!!" Luffy responds "Good, who wants to play without an enemy? Franky!!" Franky says "Yosh!!" and the ship blasts off the screen then goes dark as it does to say to be continued but says THE END. Wow... That looks a hellofa lot stupider on screen then in my mind... Well whatever Sorry its so long =P

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