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How did Zeus Become King Of The Gods

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Can anybody please tell me about the god Zeus?
I have to do an English project, and I could really use some good information on the greek god Zeus. Things like who his parents and siblings were, how he became the king of the gods, symbols of him, etc. Whoever can tell me the most useful information gets the 10 points. Thanks in advance!

Zeus - Lord of the gods, god of the sky, thunder, man, order, and justice. His parents were Rhea, titaness of fertility and Cronos, who is called as the Titan Father. He was the youngest of his 6 siblings(on order of birth from eldest to youngest): Hestia, Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera, and finally Zeus. They were all eaten in this order by Cronos, except for Zeus whom Rhea hid with the mountain nymphs. Rhea gave her husband a rock wrapped in cloth to eat, pretending to her husband it was Zeus. After some time, Zeus returned to confront his father. He gave him an emetic, a potion to make him regurgitate his children whom he swallowed. The children, being immortal, grew perfectly well in the Titan's stomach. They were vomited in reverse order of their birth, making Hestia the last to come out. A 10 year war ensued between the younger gods and the titans. After the war, the three brothers drew lots in order to determine who shall reign each part of the world. Zeus got the sky and ruler of all, Poseidon the sea, and Hades the underworld. His symbols include the eagle, bull, thunder and oak. Fun facts: *Despite being married to Hera, Zeus was known for his many love affairs with both mortals and immortals alike. Hera usually exacts revenge on her husband by making his lovers lead a miserable life. *Zeus's major temple is located at Dodona, somewhere in the northern part of Greece *He had two special "right-hands": Nike, goddess of victory and Ganymede, his cupbearer *The rustling of the leaves of an oak was interpreted by priests to be Zeus's will

According to Greek Legend, who created the Universe and life on our planet?
I know Zeus is the King of Gods, but Zeus had a beginning. Even though he is an immortal, he was born after life was already here, so, according to the legend, who created the universe, along with life on the planet?

According to Greek legend, at first there was nothing. Then, from nothing, came Chaos. From Chaos came Eros (love), and from Eros came Ouranos (the (god of) heaven) and Gaia (the (goddess of) earth). Ouranos and Gaia created the universe and the earth, and had babies, called the Titans. One of those babies, Kronos, murdered Ouranos in order to become King of the Titans. The Titans were the first race of Gods. Two of the Titans, Prometheus and Epimetheus, made all life except human women. Those didn't exist for a while. Kronos made Rhea (his sister) his wife and had some babies with her. Only Kronos ate the babies, so none of them could kill him. Rhea didn't like Kronos eating her babies, so she hid one of them. That baby grew up on Crete with some goats, and became Zeus. Zeus murdered Kronos and slit open his belly, and all Kronos' babies came out. Zeus married one of them, called Hera. Then Zeus declared himself King of the Gods, and turned his brothers and sisters into the Olympian gods. Then he made some babies. The Titans didn't like Zeus suddenly becoming king, so they declared war on the Olympians. The Olympians won, and the Titans admitted defeat and became second class gods. Prometheus and Epimetheus kept making life, and Prometheus took pity in (purely male) humanity for living in poverty and hunger. So Prometheus gave the men fire. The Gods didn't like that, so they punished Prometheus ("the one who thinks before [he acts]) to have his liver eaten out every day for the rest of eternity. The Gods also punished the men for accepting Prometheus' gift: they made women. The Gods themselves didn't have the power to make life out of clay, like the -metheus brothers had, so they filled the first woman up with godly traits, and then presented the fully made clay woman to Epimetheus ("the one who thinks after [he acts]"). Epimetheus carelessly infused the woman with life, not knowing she was made to seduce Men. This first woman was given the name Pandora. She was also given a gift. The Gods said: don't open the gift, ever. But Pandora was made with an overdeveloped sense of curiosity. So she couldn't keep the gift closed. And in the gift was all harm, all disease, and all corruption which we have today. (Yes, the Greeks really were such misogynic).

Questions about the ancient race of gods known as the Titans?
Ok heres the deal I just read the book The Odyssey and I have to answer a packet full of questions. Below are the ones I could not figure out or find on the internet. If you know the answer or a website that would help me it would be grately apprecishated. 1. Who were the parents of the ancient race of gods known as the Titans? 2. What were the women of this ancient race called? 3. What happened as a result of the parents' quarrel over these children? 4. Which children became the parents of the family of gods that Homer uses in th Odyssey? 5. How did Zeus become the important chilf of these parents? 6. How are Atlas and Zeus related?

1. Titans were sons of : Uranos and Gaia , their names : Okeanos, Kojos, Krios, Hyperion, Japetos and Kronos 2. Women - dauhters of Uranos and Gaia - like Reja were called Tytanids - in my language, so you should check it... 3. Uranos thrusted his sons into Tartar. Kronos hurted his father and deprive his father of power. So other brothers were released. 4. children? hmm.. i'm not sure what do you mean but let's see... Kronos married Reja/his sister/ - they had children: Hera, Demeter, Hades, Hestia, Poseidon, Zeus. Zeus was the king of gods.. In Odyssey apearred: nymph Calipso, nymph Kirke, Athena-Zeus' daugheter, Poseidon, Hermes-Zeus' son 5. There was a prophecy that Kronos will be deprived of his power by his child, so he was swallowing child after child until his wife hide his youngest son - Zeus, and gave Kronos a stone instead child. Some time after Zeus made his father to throw up his brothers and sisters and removed his father from throne

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