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How did Tyler Perry Get Started

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how can i audition to be on disney channel and work with china anne mcclain or with tyler perry?
how can i audition to be on disney channel while working with other celeberties or work with tyler perry?

Try getting an agent. The agent will help you start from the bottom with commercials and then work you up to Disney.

What do you have to do to try out for a Tyler Perry play?
I really want to be an actress in a tyler perry play but I want to know the process first. does anyone know it?

Almost all auditions are only found through agents, so unless you happen to find one of the very rare open calls, that's where you'd have to start. To get an agent you'd have to have had years of professional training and lots of experience.

How do i sell a movie script (Documentary)to a producer like Tyler Perry?
I am a 22 yr old young lady that would like to sell my documentary and true life story that is tragic, (to a producer like Tyler Perry or greater.) Except I don't know the first step to take as to reaching my goal and would like help getting there. My story which is common but never really talked about "I Think" will touch some people lives and also cost change in their lives in a great way!!!

If your life story has made you strong and determined, then prepared for what may be a long road ahead, fraught with rejection and difficulties. But, if you are persistent, there is the chance you may see your dream come true. I don't know anything about your story, but if there is a happy ending with a sense of resolution and inspiration for others, then you have a much better chance of success. And your story must be truly unique in order to catch a producer's eye. You may want to first get an agent. There are several literary or film agents that deal with movie scripts. They will take a percentage if your story is picked up, but they are the gatekeepers. They have the connections and know how to market your story to the right people. The hard part is getting them to notice you. These agents are BOMBARDED with THOUSANDS of queries and requests everyday. It's very difficult to make your work stand out from the pack. You will probably receive dozens of rejections before someone takes a chance on you. your story already in script form? If not, then it's going to be even harder to sell. If you're a writer yourself then go on and create your script. If not, then you may want to team up with someone who can put the words down for you. Of course, they'll probably want a cut or a fee. Finally, try Googling film agents, literary agents and start doing some research. Just be prepared to stick it out for the long haul.

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