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How did Ted Bundy Die

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Why do judges waste their time issuing more than 1 life sentence?
What, after science cures death do they plan on reviving Ottis Toole and Ted Bundy to make them serve in prison until they die just to revive them again and make them serve again until they die again?

Because there is, legally, no such thing as a life sentence. That would make the sentence indeterminate in terms of having an ending date. So if I have a 100 year sentence I will become eligible for parole (in California at least) after 50 years. With good behavior and other things perhaps even less. BUT.. if the judge has sentenced me to multiple terms and each one does not even begin until the previous one has ended, then there is virtually no hope for freedom unless a fault is found with the trial or the actual sentencing. So, a smart judge hedges his bets and makes the sentences sequential. .

What makes a person become a serial killer?
jeffrey dauhmer- charles manson- aileen wuornos- ted bundy- like this people seem to be born happy and healthy- what goes wrong with tem to make them crazy? mean? evil?

I wouldn't say that family problems are the cause because look at Teddy Roosevelt, his Mother and wife died... On The Same Day!!! I would say its a combination of family problems and neglect and just plain good old fashion insanity... search for Ed Gein if you wanna read about a real phsyco.

What does Michael Vick have to do to be forgiven by the people on this forum?
I haven't seen people go after Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer or even Charles Manson with this much fervor, and they killed humans! Hey Verbatim, I could care lees about SlowJ. Stick to the point. Hey Verbatim, I'm not a racist. I was asking for an adult opinion. Are your parents home? Ready4FridayNights, finally a voice of reason! Verbatim, I like you! You have a sense of humor! At least when you're not swearing at me.

Bundy, Dahmer, and Manson are in a class by themselves. They deserved what they got. I'm not asking Michael Vick be in prison for life or he die by lethal injection. But, he did break federal dog fighting and gambling laws. I'm not saying he shouldn't be forgiven, but he does deserve a few years in jail and, if the NFL wants to go through the PR nightmare, another shot at football. I'll forgive him but, even though I'll probably never meet him, I wouldn't shake his hand if he offered it. :-)))

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