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How did Suge Knight Die

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What do you think of people who insult people who are dead?
Like when Suge Knight made fun of Eazy 7 years after he died, i think why are they the ones who deserve to live

Uhmm, well, I think it's rude, but I can't hate on people because they are idiots. Idiots cant help being idiotic. That's just the way they are.

What do you think would have happened if Eazy had killed Suge Knight!?
Eazy was ambushed by Suge and his boyz at a recording studio. He was forced to sign the release of Dre off Ruthless Records. The first time he actually signed Mikey Mouse. Lol. But he was roughed up and his family was threated so he signed. Eazy was thinking of killing Suge afterwards. What do you think would have hapened if he had? Where would Hip Hop be if there had been no Death Row?

That would have been a bad thing believe it or not because first Eazy would have gone to prison and died there from AIDS anyways and most importantly Tupac would have never been bailed out so he would have served a full 4 year term and came out in 1999 and who knows what oppurtunity he would have had.... Dre would have kept going with his work after Suge's death just like he started Aftermath.

What would u do if your regular scheduled program was interrupted by breaking news saying...?
Tupac is Alive!! Lol Im just saying. My brother us a die hard fan and he is positive Tupac is coming back 2014 lol!! Uh yea right!! But what if... Suge Knight did jus do an interview saying Tupac is alive so who knows??

Fk.. just missed the sex scene! damnit!

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