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How did Spock Die

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Im a star treck noob. So i thought spock died in wrath of khan? Why is he in next gen?
So i started watchung start trek next gen and watched wrath of khan and see that spock dies. But then, he shows up on romulous in next gen. Whats up? Is next gen an alternate timeline? How did spock comeback!?

Watch all the films, then you will know.

How could Spock's mom die in the new star trek movie, when she is alive in star trek 4 the voyage home?
In Star Trek 4 the voyage home Spock's mom helps him when the computer asks him How do you feel?

I had the same questions about Spock's mom, Spock's and Uruha's relationship, Vulcan’s (the planet) disappearance and other things. I thought long and hard about this and watched the movie several more times in an effort to shed some light on the question 'why'. Then it came to me.... Like many of the other writers have stated....everything that you and I would not consider Cannon (Spocks mother dying) etc, all took place in an alternate universe. That is how the writers of this movie can 'get away with it.' I am wondering though if there is ever going to be an update on Star Trek TOS or a movie made of the Mirror-Mirror Universe. That should definitely prove as Spock would say.....Fascinating!

Question about Spock in Star Trek 2009 movie?
OK, i know the old Spock was traveling through time, but shouldn't he have been dead around that time? he was old in that movie, but in the original star trek movie when spock died he was still younger than he was in the 2009 movie.

hey, he is alive, watch the sequel of old star trek, they search for spock.

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