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How Did South Dakota Get Its Name

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what store sells brisk tea in south dakota?
I am looking for some store in rapid city, south dakota that sells brisk tea. I have seen people with it but can't find it anywhere, any store names and locations are appreciated. Thanks!

check out gas stations, and ushally BJs has crates of drink like that

What are some good places to visit in South Dakota, near the Badlands?
I am going on a trip this summer near the badlands and need to know any "must see" places in South Dakota.

There aren't many hon, of course see the "begging burrows" in the badlands, Custer state park and Rushmore. There is also the mountain featured in that si fi movie from about 20 years ago (can't remember the name!) that's actually in Wyoming, and the Crazy Horse carving that's being done in a mountain top. Then there are the town of Wall.and Leeds and Deadwood Just be prepared, in August about 100.000 bikers descend on that entire area, and some of them aren't very nice

what are the top nursing schools in south dakota?
I have a few years before college but I already know I want to go to south dakota. ive been looking for a list of the top nursing school but cant find any. does anyone know?(: preferred to be close to spearfish, an hour or two away at most. the nursing school in spearfish doesnt have the program i want to do. help?

You don't need to worry about "top", because with nursing schools it doesn't matter if they have a big name and big reputation. It's not like medical school or law school where going to a "better" school will make a difference in your life in terms of job offers. Employers of nurses do. not. care. where you went to school, just that you hold the degree and the nursing license. Google search the SD state board of nursing. Their website should have page that lists all the state approved, accredited nursing programs in the state. Accreditation is all that really matters, and if it's listed on the board's website, it will be accredited. You could ask the schools their graduation rate / NCLEX passing rate (that's the exam you take after graduation that gives you the RN license), and that might help you sort out what might be a "better" school.

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