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How Did South Carolina Become a State

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How do you become a STATE certified translator/interpreter?
How do you become a STATE certified translator/interpreter for the state of South Carolina?

The American Translators Association can certify you- States usually have their own certification for court reporting. Also if you want this for Spanish then you can get certification through the Mexican consulate nearest yout.

Can education majors in South Carolina go to college free?
If you want to become a teacher in the state of South Carolina can you go to any college in SC and pay $0.00 dollars in tuition?

I guess if you get a scholarship...?

what are the requirements to become a pharmacy technician in south carolina?
my school lets us chose if we want to get a pharmacy tech certificate or diploma, whats the difference and what is required to become a pharmacy tech in south carolina? how many years of school? salaries?

Here is the first part of your question on what is required to be a pharmacy technician in South Carolina (from - South Carolina State Requirements - Board of Pharmacy Technician Guidelines states the following requirements for becoming a pharmacy technician: -Obtain high school diploma or equivalent -Complete a formal academic training program -Obtain national certification (PTCB) -Complete 1000 hours of pharmacy practice (under the direction of a pharmacist) -Complete pharmacy technician application, pay $80 application fee As you can see it requires a fair amount. if your school allows you to meet the requirements above, then do that. With such a strict list of requirements, I imagine that pharmacy techs in SC are harder to get and get paid a little better than other states. Best of luck,

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