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How did Snickers Get Its Name

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How did the chocolate bar 100 grand get its name?
why is it named 100 grand? why does it cost so much more than the rest chocolate bars like snickers. where did the name originate from? who came up with the name? please answer i wanna know thank you.

The name was formed based off the 1950's game show the $64,000 question. The original name was the $100,000 Bar. It was then changed in 1985 to the 100 Grand Bar, 100 Grand at that time had become a more popular term. The name was not picked by anyone in particular but has been a product of Nestle The cost of the bar ranges, from distributor to distributor

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I would say Choco, Cappa (Short for Cappucino), Charlie Brown, Chip (For chocolate chip), Hershey, Snickers, Russel, Rusty, Jager, Java, Jamoca...

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I just got a velvety elephant and I don't know what to name it.

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