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How did Sir Isaac Newton Die

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What is the equal and yet opposite reaction of dying, in relation to newtons third law of motion.?
Sir Isaac newtons third law of motion states that to every action there is an equal yet opposite reaction. What then is the equal and yet opposite reaction of Dying.

People love to take physics laws where the words have precise physical meaning, and then reinterpret them, giving the words the more vague meaning they have in everyday speech. Newton's 3rd Law does not refer to every possible action, like buying a pizza. Newton's 3rd Law is the conservation of momentum. It means that if you give something momentum in one direction, you get an equal and opposite momentum in the opposite direction. People do the same thing with Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and the Conservation of Energy. It drives me crazy.

Does anyone know what Scientific breakthroughs were done by creation scientist?
I need this info for a future question. If you could give a list of who they are and what they did, It would be GREAT. I know Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were creation scientist, and that the great Charles Darwin was not even a scientist. The only diplomas he had was school and a doctrine of divinity. He was a ordained preacher.

Sir Isaac Newton was a creationist in today's sense because there was no alternate theory. Albert Einstein praised the Big Bang theory, so I don't know where you heard he was a creationist. Charles Darwin was a scientist. There is no one school all scientists have to get a diploma at. All you have to do is follow the scientific method and contribute to the scientific community, and Charles Darwin did that. 99.8% of scientists support the biological theory of evolution. The remaining 0.2% is were probably die hard religious from the get go or have no experience in fields related to biology or astrophysics. By saying evolution is wrong you are saying there is something inherently wrong with science... and I don't think many would get behind you on that one.

We Filipinos, should we need to become rude, arrogant and no women in order to become famous?
like Sir Isaac Newton who was born at Christmas Day on 1642, a 367 years ago since he was born. He was died without women, rude and arrogant type of person.

Filipinos have the air of arrogance and rudeness among themselves not generally but mostly. When being invited for any occasion, they always arrive late. Regardless whether they were wrong or right, they don’t apologize. Most of them never say thank you for a favor rendered to them. When in line, they cut you off. Sir Isaac Newton was a brilliant man whose work has still been studied up to this date. The arrogance and rudeness of most Filipinos had caused many negative criticisms amongst us and to foreigners as well. Being without a woman or man is everyone’s fate in life. Being genius or dumb has nothing to do having a woman in life.

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