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Which episode did Roseanne and all of her cast mates wear chicken shirts to get back at Roseanne's husband?
I heard they all wore them in one episode to piss off Roseanne's husband, Tom Arnold. He hated the shirt and they were getting a divorce, so.

Season 5, Episode 25: "Daughters and Other Strangers" is the episode where everyone ends up wearing it at one time or another.

Did the writers of Roseanne know that dan was going to die from the heart attack?
When they made the heart attack episode, was it already planned that Dan would actually die from the heart attack at the end of the show? Or did they just come up with all that at the end? Was the whole writer thing there all along just not noticed?

i cried when i saw the last episode, i loved dan he was an amazing character, it was a total shock for me when roseanne said dan really died and they didn't actully win the lottery from wikipedia The Conners win the state lottery jackpot of $108 million, Dan ponders the meaning of life, Jackie meets her prince, D.J. finds love, and Darlene gives birth. Most surreal of all is the season's final episode, in which Roseanne reveals that the events in most of the series were all the pages of her writings. The reality is Dan's heart attack had killed him, the Conner family had not won the lottery, Becky had married David instead of Mark, Darlene had married Mark instead of David, and Jackie is gay instead of Roseanne's mother being gay. The show is a story written by Roseanne Conner about her life as working class matriarch. To cope with life, Roseanne twists major elements of her life for the story, which the audience doesn't find out until the final moments of the series. Dan Conner was portrayed by John Goodman. When he was chosen, co-star Roseanne Barr stated that she was happy, adding that she had a "big crush" on him from the start. At one point during the second to the last season, Goodman walked off the set after co-star Roseanne Barr had an on-set outburst. It was speculated that he was growing tired of her outbursts. While he considered leaving for good, Goodman held negotiations with its producers. At first, he agreed to finish the episode, but later agreed to do an episode to explain his exit. However, Goodman eventually agreed to return to the series. John Goodman chose to reduce his role in Roseanne to focus on his film career. After this announcement, he was in negotiations with the producers on how many episodes he would appear in the following season. One of the numbers being thrown around was six. Ted Harbert, boss of ABC Entertainment, commented that Roseanne, the actress who portrays the character of the same name, was excited to return for a ninth season, with or without Goodman, which could be about she and her sister, Jackie Harris, as single parents. He attempted to dismiss the role of Dan, stating that Jackie has a lot more screen time than him. Harbert received criticism from Los Angeles Daily News editor Phil Rosenthal for his comments, who described Dan as the emotional anchor of the series. He compared him to daughter Becky Conner, who was portrayed by two different actresses due to scheduling conflicts over the years, and son D.J. Conner, who was portrayed by a different actor in the pilot than the one in later episodes. He called Metcalf, who portrays Jackie, a wonderful actress, but added that Dan's love for his wife showed viewers that she could be lovable despite her abrasiveness, similarly to Edith Bunker and Archie Bunker in All in the Family. Rosenthal brought up similar departures that caused their respective programs to slip in quality, and warned that Roseanne may suffer the same fate if Goodman leaves. In the end, Goodman signed on for one more season i think they knew, cause john goodman wanted to leave. i hope this answered your question :)

What happened the last season of Roseanne?
After Dan goes back to Cali.. In details please after that what happened to his and roseannes relationship, what's the mistress like, how is darlenes baby, etc

Well at Darlene wedding Dan has a heart attack .... but lives , Then they end up winning the lotto and Dan go's back to cali .... He has an almost affair with his moms nurse but doesn't .. Roseann has an almost affair with the son of he old boss from Welmans the plastic factory that they used to work in way back in the day .. Jackie mets a prince and dates him but that doesn't work out .. Then Darlene go's in to labor early and her baby almost dies and it brings the family all back together the way they used to be before the money ..He baby lives and they name her Harris Conner Helee. ( don't know that I spelled that right +)Okay so in the final episode It shows Roseann in her basement writing a book because she loved to write if you remember from past seasons .She tells us that Dan actually did die and from that point she was making up stories .. But it kinda sucked because she said she had changed Jackie because in real life Jackie was gay , That Darlene was really with Mark and Becky was with David but she thought they were better suited for the other girl ,... I did not really like the last season , but that's what happen hope i helped ! .

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