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How did Psychology Become A Science

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Can anyone tell me why 1879 should NOT be considered the year that psychology became a separate science?
For a psychology assignment I have to write about why 1879 should be considered the year psychology became established and why it shouldn't be. I can answer the 1st part: Wilhelm Wundt- 1st experimental psychology lab etc... But am at complete last as to the second part

Psychology was not considered a distinct scientific discipline until 1879. However, philosophers have contemplated the workings of the mind and the nuances of human behavior since the early Greeks. But, still, 1879 is considered to be the date that psychology began as a formal discipline or area of study which deserved scientific formalization and experimentation.

What makes psychology an important field in the world today?
In what way did psychology became important? How? Why?

Because it became a science in which things can be empirically measured and tested.

What does psychology have to do to become a science?
Since its beginnings late in the 19th century, psychology has intended to be a branch of the sciences. What does being a science entail for the field of psychology? In other words, what must the field of psychology do if it is to be a science?

The 'science' psychology is the study of the mental state.

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