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How Did Paul Revere Die

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Do You know who was the first casualty of the american revolution?
In paul revere's painting, a white man was the first guy who died. But the truth is, a BLACK MAN was the first casualty of the american revolution. If he painted the real thing, it wouldn't "stir up the spirit" of the people that would lead to the war. Boston massacre painting= fake.

that's news to me! good job on "fact finding"!

Who was the feamale paul revere?
Who was the woman who was called the female paul revere that was 16 years old that warned of the burning of Danbury connecticut?

Good question.... THe answer is Sybil Ludington "Hi! My name is Sybil Ludington. I was born in 1761, in Fredericksburg, New York. (Now known as the Ludington section of Kent.) I was the oldest of twelve children. I spent most of my time taking care of my younger siblings and doing household chores. Those were the things that girls did in that era (time). My world changed suddenly on April 26, 1777. I was 16 years old at the time and was putting the younger children to bed when a rider galloped up to our house. He informed us that British troops were burning the town of Danbury, Connecticut. It was only a few miles from our house. My father was colonel of the local militia. His men were scattered over the countryside. Since the exhausted rider who had warned us of the British destruction could go no further, I convinced father to allow me to take my horse, Star, and ride to the homes of his men telling them to band together to defend our community. Father finally agreed and I jumped on Star and rode 40 miles alerting his men. The night was dark and I rode alone, using only a stick to prod Star and knock on doors. It was quite a trip, but I succeeded in alerting all the men. They banded together and drove the British back to their ships. The ride was kind of scary. After all, there was a war going on and I was alone with no one to protect me. Because of what I did, people hailed me as a heroine. I was just doing what I felt I had to do. If you would like to follow my path, you will have to visit Putnam County, New York. Markers have been placed along the route. A statue of me has been erected on Route 52, beside Gleneida Lake in Carmel. A smaller statue can be seen in Constitution Memorial Hall in Washington, DC. In 1975, a stamp was issued in my honor. After the war, I married Edmond Odgen, a lawyer from Catskill. We had one son, Henry. I died in 1839, and was buried in Maple Avenue Cemetery near my father. "

What are the famous songs from the 60s and 70s about native americans?
I'm looking for one song in particular but I can't remember the name or the artist...been driving me crazy! It's not Indian Reservation by Paul Revere and the Raiders, and it's not the two I know by Cher (Geronimo's Cadillac and Half Breed, I think). Any others I'm missing?

These are some that come to mind: XIT - Reservation of Education Redbone - Wounded Knee Floyd Westerman - Custer Died For Your Sins Buffy Sainte-Marie - Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Hank Williams Sr. - Kawliga Johnny Preston - Running Bear Johnny Cash - Drums Johnny Cash - Custer

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