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How Did Oktoberfest Get Its Start

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When is the best time to go to the Oktoberfest in Munich?
Planning a trip to Munich (and Austria) next year and am would like to go to Oktoberfest for 2 days. Any suggestions on what is the best time to go to the Oktoberfest (during week, weekend, start of the festival, middle, end). Also is 2 days a good amount of time to spend at the festival? Planning to meet up with 2 of my german friends while I'm there.

end of eptember, actually. Although it's called Oktoberfest, it starts in the last week of that very month of September. But if you want to have a place to sit and drink in one of the Bierzelten (beer tents), then it's better you try at the end of the season. But the meadows are worth a visit anyway. Don't miss the Geisterbahn and the Riesenrad ("spooky trail" and "giant wheel"), and make sure you eat a "Steckerlfisch" (fried trout). The Achterbahn (roller coaster) however is not even worth a try. Two days is pretty fine, and you should just try your luck on a late afternoon or early evening.

What is the schedule for Oktoberfest and what is the best way to set about about getting there?
I am going to be studying abroad for the next year in Florence, Italy and I am trying to figure out the best way to get to Oktoberfest and how to get there and what to do. Thanks

It starts on 22ndSeptember and goes on until 7th October.

What is the best Festhalle to buy tickets to, for the 2010 Kitchener Waterloo Oktoberfest?
I was planning on taking a trip up there this fall, and I see you can buy tickets ahead of time to any of the 15 Festhallen. Since this will be my first experience, I was hoping to get some insight on which venue would be a good place to start. Thanks! I am looking more for a memorable, authentic experience. I would be with a few people, ages 28-35. Thanks!

It depends on your age and whether you are wanting a more authentic experience, or to just go get drunk. Edit: Then go to the Concordia Club on a thursday, friday or saturday evening.

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