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How did Mother Teresa Die

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Protestants, How do you feel about Mother Teresa and John Paul II?
I am just interested in knowing what you think about Mother Teresa, a Catholic nun, who was names the greatest person of the 20th century and did a lot of humanitarian work. Also, how do you feel about the late Pope John Paul II the Great? He was the last pope since Pope Benedict XVI, and did a lot to bring peace and end communism. Thanks, I am interested in knowing what you think. God Bless.

I can't wait to see how others answer this. I loved them both even when I was Protestant. I mean, come on, Pope John Paul II was RoboPope! And Mother's hard to dislike someone you share your birthday with, isn't it? But that being said, they were both great humanitarians. My grandmother is a Protestant, and even she mourned when each of them died. She said that Mother Theresa was one of the greatest people to ever help the poor, and that, for a Catholic Pope, John Paul II was not half bad. She and I were both tuned in fairly constantly while we were waiting for him to pass and then for Benedict XVI to be elected.

What's something cool that happened on your birthday?
I have the same birthday as Freddie Mercury, AND Mother Teresa died on my birthday. For those of you who like history, The Reign of Terror in the French Revolution also began on my birthday. Beat that! Lol. (Also when I was a kid my favorite Pokemon was Tyranitar, Pokemon number 248. September 5 is day 248 of the year. Woo!!) Freddie poops on George Lopez!!

Milk in my fridge expired on that date.. ~ July 4th

Why is Mother Teresa seen as a good person?
She refused to give treatment to the people that she was looking after. Her view that suffering was necessary is what caused the deaths of many many people. Mother Teresa pretty much put everyone in a bulding and watched them die. She is pure evil and i have no idea why anyone would ever say she was a good person.

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