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How did Meriwether Lewis Die

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How did Meriwether Lewis die?
Meriwether Lewis was the famous Lewis in the expedition of lewis and clark expedition across the louisiana purchase. in the early 1800's he was found dead in an inn he stayed at until he could reach the washington coast once again. he had syphilis (sp.) which caused his paresis. he was also burdened with a secret that would ruin Thomas Jefferson's presidency. he had two wounds. one in his head and one from his chest to his lower spine. these were not fatal. the question is did he die from murder or did he kill himself. explain your reasoning.

Lewis committed suicide. He had some complaints from people about his governor actions. During one of his attacks of depression, he was called to answer to some of the complaints in Washington D.C. On the way, he stopped by a tavern. It was there where he shot himself in the head and on his chest. There were questions about his death because his family claimed that he was murdered. As of right now, modern historians say that it was his depression that led him to die. What really gets me is that fact that the reason for his depression was because he was lonely, unmarried, and burdened with all the trouble he had being govenor. He was rejected lots of time by women. he even said to Clark that he would never get to experience the joy of love and the joy of seeing children of his own. He was suffering from depression ever since he was a youth. But during the expedition he showed no signs. This was because exercise rids depression. With all the exercise and walking in the journey, lewis had no time to feel depressed. I always think "poor lewis" because at the night he committed suicide he was wrapped up in his prized bear skin, swaying up and down on the steps of a porch. he was hugging himself saying "Clark's going to come...Clark's going to come... He will meet me here and everything will be alright...". However, he went in and shot himself to death. Clark and jefferson were surprised to hear this. In fact, Clark was so distressed that his best friend died in this way. He felt guilty that he didn't accompany Lewis to washington D.C. Clark went to D.C to clear his friend's name of the crimes Lewis wasn't guilty for. It took Clark years to finally clear his friend's name. The adventure of Lewis and Clark is really amazing to me. It' s just amazing that these two famous men had this great friendship. They never fought or had disagreements in their two year expedition. Hope that helps

What is a better research topic?
For my English class, I have to do a research project. Our English teacher gave us a list of topics, and we have to pick a topic from that list. I've narrowed it down to two topics: Meriwether Lewis (From the Lewis and Clark expedition) and Ulysses S. Grant (General Grant from the Civil War against General Lee). Which one do you think is a better topic to research?

Well personally I would do Grant because the civil war interests me more than the exploration of continent. But you could find some awesome sources from each. Oh and im not sure if it was lewis or clark, but one of the ended up clinically depressed and commiting a very long drawn out suicide (he shot himself like three times and didn't die until he bleed to death hour later). So if you were to do Lewis, that could be an interesting topic of discussion. Good luck on your essay!!

What are 2 or more accomplishments in Meriwether Lewis (Lewis and Clark) life?
What are two accomplishments from Meriwether Lewis ( THE ONE IN THE LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION) life? Thanks, GURLUFANCY! (:

personal secretary to Jefferson, army officer, explorer went up the missouri, climbed through the rockies and traveled down the columbia with the help of William Clark, their guide's wife: Sacagawea, and a small but trusted crew almost died in a fight with some young blackfoot Native Americans after they stole his horses pioneered the trail across the newly acquired Lousisiana territory told the people back home of the new land and all the creatures (buffalo, deer, elk, antelope, salmon, chinook) and people that came with it

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