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How did Luffy Get His Scar

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Who gave Luffy the scar on his chest?
I thought it was from the time crocodile stabbed his with his hook through the chest but im not too sure. Any thoughts?

the wound was caused by a blow Akainu.

why does luffy have a scar on his face?
i don't know why does Monkey D. Luffy have a scar on his face.I looked it up and i didn't find any answers.

Chapter 1, Luffy cuts himself to show he is not scared of being hurt, so Shanks would take him out to sea. Didn't work, just gave Luffy the scar. Hope this helps.

How did the strawhats (besides Luffy) spend their 2 years being separated from the rest of tha crew?
I know Luffy spent his time w/ boa hancock and those 2 snake chicks,impel down rescuing Ace,and at the MarineFord War...but idk what the rest of tha crew were doing ...howd Zoro get th scar on his eye....howd Franky get that dope azz upgrade...and why does Brook look PRESLEY

Well, if you read the manga, you will see that Zoro got to same island with Mihawk, Usopp got to the island with many plants, Nami got to some kind of weather country, Robin got to Dragon's forces, Franky got to Dr Vegapunk's lab, Chopper got to some island with people and bird fighting, Brook got to some country and started as rockstar, Sanji to Okama land, etc, hence the power ups

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