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How did Lord Krishna Die

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Was Radha older than Lord Krishna according to the Hindu scriptures?
I am new to Hinduism and I was wondering if Radha was older or younger than Lord Krishna. If so how many years older or younger. By the way I know how Lord Krishna died but I was also wondering how Radha died?

Radha was 5 yrs older There are so many different versions of the stories , in another it is said that radha did not open her eyes as a baby and when krishna went to see her, she did. some say she is 7 months younger people one day found radha missing and found her saree wrapped around the idol of krishna, meaning she merged into the idol... the stories of krishna are as mysterious as krishna himself Radha is not mentioned either in the bhagavata or the mahabharata, she is mentioned in devi bhagavata purana, and made popular by saints like chaitanya and nimbaraka

What amazes me is how many people actually buy the Jesus Story! Really?? Why not the Lord Krishna story?
Krishna the avatar had similarities except that it happened 500 years before Jesus of Nazareth. And we think this is believable why?

The reason Jesus story is more credible is because we know when it happened - two thousand years ago during the time of Romans. Various Roman rulers are mentioned in connection with the story of Jesus and the historical documents tell us when those rulers ruled. Moreover, the disciple of Jesus preached about Jesus and they were fiercely opposed for doing so. So much so that almost all the disciples of Jesus died violent deaths. See Fox's Book of Martyrs: The Mahabharata war, during which Krishna plays an important role, is difficult to date. Wikipedia puts the date between "5561 BC to 800 BC". It is not what you say "500 years before Jesus". We have the history of Gautam Buddha, Maurya dynasty etc. some 300 years before Christ but no historical mention of Mahabharata war except in the epic form.

What is the story of death of BALARAMA?
Most know about death of Krishna, how did Balrama, his divine brother die? Lord Krishna was cremated by Arjuna, perhaps his tens of sons had died before him. Near today's Dwarika at TRIVENI snagam, Lord Krishna and Balarama were cremated. How did Balarama died?

In the Bhagavata Purana it is described that after Balarama took part in the battle that caused the destruction of the rest of the Yadu dynasty, and after he witnessed the disappearance of Krishna, he then sat down in a meditative state and departed from this world.[3] In some accounts it is described that a great white snake left Balarama's mouth at this point in reference to his identity as Ananta-Sesha. And the place where he departed from this world is situated about 1 km far from Somnath Temple in Gujarat. There is one cave at that place and the white snake who came out of Balarama's mouth got into that cave and went back to Paatal Lok as the local people of Veraval say.

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