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How did Ksi Get Famous

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Whats the most famous gaming clan?
Whats the most famous gaming clan on all 3 gaming systems?

I think that the most famous gaming can on xbox 360 is probably KSI i run into them a lot

How is it possible for this guy to get so many points in fifa 12 ultimate team AND?
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dude, its ksi he can sell any player, or make them famous and earn a huge lot of it in return basically, he can sell a player and get ALOT more for it than any other would do! He once made a video (believe it is still there in his channel) of him selling all his good players for almost free, then got almost all the money back from just selling Ronaldo alone! So he could buy like three Messi`s and do the process all over again lol

i ma joint of film . how to jointed from Hindi film .please give me answer?
i am joint for the Hindi film . because i want a actor . but i have nothing knowledge . so i am give you to joint hindi film .plealse give me answer .that sol thanking you

Bro, you dont need to know English to become an actor, though knowing different languages is certainly an advantage to communicate your thoughts. ideally join some good reputed acting schools like pune institute of cinema( its famous one , name may be lil diff.), national school of drama. if you can't afford to go these places, I'd suggest you better join some theatre group to test waters & hone your skills... Dont get allured by fame, look into your heart and find out if you really wanna do it. if you heart says yes, jump over, and no one can stop you. not even this language barrier. English is just a language... nothing more then a tool to express your all other languages. Just keep will power strong, you'll find your own ways & make a triumph!! And for person answered just before, poor english language skills doesnt make a man illiterate or deserve a lesser honorary opinion of your good self!!! i assume you are an indian, so hindi aati hogi. isliye, again in hindi .. Bhai, ek accha idea hai ki acting seekho, ksi acche acting/drama school mein, pune mein ek bahut famous institute hai, aur delhi mein national school of drama.. iske ilawa, koi accha theatre group join kar lo, agar dilli mumbai mein ho to accha hai... Agar acting karne ki lagan hai to bahut tarike hain duniya mein, english aani jaruri nahi, par agar naam aur fame paane ke liye aana chahte ho to accha idea nahi hai. Agar tumhara iccha sach mein actor(ya kuch aur bhi )banne ki hai to phir koi nahi rok sakta, angreji bhasha bhi nahi... bhagwan tumhara saath de... best wishes dreamharbour

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