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Why the yeast i use gives a smell after making dough?
The yeast has a kind of smell.Sometimes we mix it with hot water to add in dough or others.It is necessary to keep the yeasted dough for along time for a good action of yeast.The yeast that i use is good but when i make any thing with it like buns,pizza doughs even after baking it gives the smell of yeast.Iz there any way to get rid of this smell?What should i use in my yeast using recipe so that the smell does not remains.Well the name of the yeast company that i use iz Saf-Levure.Which yeast is the best and how do we know that the yeast iz good?

That smell is a sign that the yeast is alive and doing it's job. Yeast is a live organism and when activated with warmth and food such as sugar it releases gases that form bubbles in the layers of the dough. The more the gas the higher the rise. If your dough is left to expel all it's gas it will eventually run out of food and die and run out of gas and your left with a very leavened dough. Flat and chewy instead of light and airy. Smell is good.

How do I convince my stric parents to lemme dye my hair?
So I lost my job and I have little in savings, but I wanna chill for a while. My parents don't like the idea of me dying my hair. They freaked when I used red ink to do streaks. So how do I convince them to let me dye it fully some color?

ahahaha i had dis same trouble,dis iz wat ya do.....i always say uuughggg well looks like im just gonna be like evryone else,icant even express mself(with a pug face)then go lockur self in ur room and keeploking up hair mom gave it hahaha

whats the difference between a punch that knocks someone out and a punch that kills?
you see in movies lots of people punching each other in the head. sometimes the victim dies, yet other times the victim just gets knocked out. is there a specific amount of strength you have to put into a punch to make it able to render someone unconscious, instead of killing them? is there a specific spot you have to punch someone to make them faint? serious answers, please. i am genuinely curious about this.

I love how the one intelligent answer (Nick's) has 5 thumbs down. [I got rid of most of my original post, since it was just taking up too much space. For anyone who didn't see it, the jist of it was, dim-mak dorks are stupid and there's no reliable way of killing somebody with just one punch.] EDIT: Oh noes, I've been caught by chushingusjdhjdi. i'd best not disagree further, as it'd be unwise to get on the bad side of somebody who could kill me in one punch. Oh god, I think I've just realized the 'research' that you guys are refering to. Silly me, who am I to doubt the declarations of Fight Science. My bad guys, I revoke my statement; dim mak is legit and ninjas can do it. EDIT (again:) lol @ people. For all of you guys who are like "OMFG IZ SO POSSBLE IT CUD SO HAPPN I STUDIEZ ANATOMY LULZ" Yes, I've acknowledged it's possible, but to suggest (as so many of you have been) that one can do this reliably enough to call it a technique... Well that's where things get kind of silly. If I stumble off a cliff and somehow manage to somersault in the air and land on my feet, that's great. It's highly unlikely, but definitely within the realm of possibility. However, it would be very pompous and assanine for me to then go around claiming that I've got the "cliff-fall-front-flip" technique. To even insist that I could (not conceptually, but reliably) repeat this feat is equally stupid. The only way to validate my claims would be to actually do it again and again. Now linking the analogy back to death punches, how many of you have seen this done? How many of you practice it in an alive manner? No one? Thought so. Keeping in mind (as all worthwhile martial arts practitioner knows) that non-compliant training is the key to actually being able to use a technique, conceptually knowing how to dim-mak doesn't mean that you can. Unless you practice it on moving targets and ACTUALLY KILL THEM WITH IT, you're just playing patty-cake make-believe. If you have killed people with it on your journey to perfecting this technique, you're a murderer. If anyone can show me emperical evidence of death-punches being practiced and used, I'll change my position from "it's an anomaly, not a technique" to "it's a technique that pretty much nobody can use." And to get even that much change out of a reasonable person would be an impressive feat. Let me reitterate once more, just so I know we're all on the same page. Yes, it could happen, but it can't be done reliably enough to merit serious discussion -- unless we're talking about throat-punching.... In which case, come on, everybody knew that already.

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