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How did Iyanla Vanzant Daughter Die

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Can an ordinarily unforgiving person, dwelling on past negative issues, be subject to illness?
I have a close friend that is usually unforgiving when she feels she's been done wrong. She will hold a grudge for extended periods and dig up the offense many times to throw it back in one's face. She can be vindictive at times and can catch a serious attitude. Is her state of mind and attitude the reason she now has a limb or even possibly life threatening cancer (sarcoma)? Or, does one have nothing to do with the other?

Possibly her illness is an affect of her bottled up hostility. Faced with a life threatning disease, she should be willing to let go. I used to watch "Starting Over" and in an episode Iyanla Vanzant said her daughter was unwilling to let go and forgive. Her anger became cancer and she died, because she was unwilling to let go. Please tell your friend to free herself if nothing else. Holding grudges and being angry are not healthy, and hurt the holder the most. Live in a spirit of love and life's lessons learned. And let go. It's ok to Exhale!

Does anyone else ever get angry sometimes that God is so mysterious?
I cannot help it...It's like this..My baby brother died 2 years ago at 24 years old...He just fell over dead...My parents found him dead sitting on his bed...They say that your work here is done when you can that be when he was in the middle of raising a 7 year old daughter? That is work...And although my brother was saved when he was younger..he sometimes doubted there was a god and it scares me that he might not of went to heaven..There is no way to know for sure...So I live in turmoil wondering if he is in hell...It looks to me like God could give me an answer and stop the hurt...Let me know if he is in heaven and happy...There are other examples of this mysterious god...And Yes I do believe in god...I just don't understand him I'm not real sure if I read TMAC was calling me ignorant...but if he was he too is are not supposed to judge people although I see alot of christians do that...let God make the judgements...Yes I am in turmoil over my brothers death he was my only sibling and i loved him like I love my son...The wages of sin is death...That makes no sense to me considering death is supposed to be a wonderful thing not something sin makes happen...It is all so confusing why? HMM

God is mysterious only because the limitations of our human mind has thus far prevented us from fully comprehending God. But God can be known (though not in Its entirety) to an extent that allows us a functional and harmonious relationship with Him and all of creation. To suppose that God is good (and only good) could only mean that there is no hell (at least not in the traditional sense most Christian doctrines have handed down to us.) For how could a God of goodness create something bad. It makes no sense. And if God loves us how could He punish us. And if God gave us free will, how free are our choices if we get punished for making the wrong choice. I suggest doing some reading or inquiry into the "God" of other religions. I was a Catholic Christian and I found the traditional Christian idea/ideology of God (whoever and however he is) inadequate to explain situations such as the one you mentioned (You know the usual - It's all God's will). I would especially suggest reading materials recommended by the New Thought Movement (not New Age). Try also books by Marianne Williamson (esp. Return to Love) and by Iyanla Vanzant

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