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How did Hg Wells Die

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My 1980 oldsmobile cutlass supreme dies when i put it in gear.?
I have a automatic 1980 oldsmobile cutlass supreme, it idles fine and runs great at highway speeds. The problem only occurs at low speeds. It starts up and idles fine, but once i put it in gear it will die unless i give it a lot of gas, change to drive, give it more gas and when i come to a stop i have to put it in neutral and rev it a little to keep it running. I think it might be something with the vacuum but i am not sure.

those engines are known for intake vacum leaks and water leaks. spray water around the intake area next to the valve covers and forunt and back of the engine if the engine speeds up there is a vaccum leak. if there is no change check the egr valve In most installations, vacuum to the EGR valve is controlled by a Thermal Vacuum Switch (TVS); the switch, which is installed into the engine block, shuts off vacuum to the EGR valve until the engine is hot. This prevents the stalling and bumpy idle which would result if EGR occurred when the engine was cold. On 1979 and later models have a ported signal vacuum EGR valve. The valve opening is controlled by the amount of vacuum obtained from a ported vacuum source on the carburetor and the amount of backpressure in the exhaust system. To test the EGR valve operation, place a mirror under the valve to see if the valve moves when the throttle is opened. If the diaphragm does not move, there is either a problem with vacuum or the valve is stuck. With the valve stuck open, the engine will run very rough at idle or may not even start. If it is stuck closed, you would likely experience severe pinging when the engine is under load or on acceleration. With a vacuum gauge hooked up at the EGR vacuum line, you should see vacuum on the gauge when the throttle is opened. To find out if the exhaust gas is actually recirculating, use a hand vacuum pump to open the EGR valve with the engine idling. If the engine runs rough or stalls, the exhaust gas is recirculating. If it does not, remove the EGR valve and clean it, as well as the EGR ports in the intake manifold. When testing with a hand vacuum pump, EGR valves should hold a steady vacuum and not leak. Apply vacuum to vacuum port. The valve should be fully open at 10.5 in. Hg (72 kPa) and closed below 6 in. Hg (41 kPa) on 1984 and earlier models. On 1985 models, the valve should be wide open at 21 in. Hg (144 kPa) and closed below 6 in. Hg. (41 kPa) If the valve does leak, it must be replaced.

What happend to HG wells daughter in the series warehouse 13?
I can't find any info on it! was she just murdered or raped or what? and are her killers still alive?

in the episode where and when. Helena talks about how her daughter and the day she died. At Helena's sister or cousins house some robbers showed up expecting an empty house but instead find the house keeper Sofia and Helena's daughter. Sofia manages to fight then off and survive but in the struggle Helena's daughter died. This is also where Helena got the idea for her time machine, because of how the house keep said that she didn't remember anything for a 22 hrs. and some odd minutes. later Helena track down her daughters killers and I guess killed them as well, in the episode she doesn't say anything but that she tortured them.

Im battling someone in pokemon HG SS on wednesday. What pokemon should I use in my party?
I have all available games. We are battling with no legendary pokemon. What are good pokemon, by game physics, not opinion, that I should use to face him?

Since you don't know what he will have on his team, the best choice is to play defensively safe; avoid pokemon with a lot of weaknesses. This, however does not mean you should grab six steel types and call it a day. Use a well balanced, sturdy team. Some suggestions I have are: Spiritomb Will-O-Wisp Dark Pulse Nasty Plot Psychic Spiritomb has no Weaknesses and three immunities, making him a great choice for any team. Coupled with his stellar defenses, he will last awhile, giving him plenty of time to power up with Nasty Plot. The two offensive moves give you at least neutral damage on most pokemon, and the ones that resist (like Steels) hate getting burned by Will-O-Wisp. It's worth noting that Burns reduce the attack power of the victim, giving your team even more survivablilty. Swampert Waterfall/Surf Stealth Rock Ice Punch/Ice Beam Earthquake Swampert has only one weakness and great stats, making him a staple on almost all of my teams. Waterfall or Surf is a matter of opinion. Waterfall is usually better thanks to Swampert's higher attack stat, but Surf hits Rock and Ground types harder because of their low special defense. Ice Punch is preferable, but Ice Beam is an acceptable substitute. However, Earthquake is the main attack move on this set, and it puts a dent in just about everything. Use Stealth Rock whenever you have a turn to spare; the damage it deals may not seem apparent at first, but it really adds up. Magnezone Magnet Rise Thunderbolt Flash Cannon Light Screen/Reflect Magnet Rise is the most important move to this set; it essentially removes Magnezone's 4X weakness to ground. With that immunity added, Magnezone resists or is immune to 14 types. almost nothing get by it, and it does a ton of damage thanks to its high special attack. The last slot is mostly filler, but I prefer Light Screen or Reflect, which greatly increase your team's survivability. Dugtrio Earthquake Sucker Punch Rock Slide Pursuit The best revenge killer. One of your pokemon got killed? Send in Dugtrio to avenge it. Dugtrio's main selling point is his ability, Arena Trap. this makes it so the opponent cannot switch out unless they can Levitate or are a Flying type. This means that once your pokemon dies, you can send in Dugtrio to KO the opponent back, and there's nothing they can do about it. Thanks to its high speed and decent attack, It can easily kill most weakened pokemon. If the opponent is faster, use Sucker Punch to go first anyways. Rock Slide is preferred over Stone Edge because the extra accuracy is more useful than the extra power because usually you just use Dugtrio to pick off weakened opponents. Use Pursuit if you think an opposing Flier or Levitator will try to flee. Be warned however; once Dugtrio's job is done, get him out because he is very fragile. Those are four suggestions towards a powerful team. Good luck, and I hope that helped!

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