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How Did Hank Williams Die

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Country Music Tragedies, Hank Williams died in the back seat of his Cadillac, can you name some others?
Hank Williams died in the back seat of his Cadillac, broke and nothing to his name. Name some other country music star tragedies.

Despite Johnny Horton's wild-at-heart looks and voice, he was a man haunted for years by ominous premonitions of his own death. He often promised those close to him he would contact them from beyond the grave. Like the psychic he claimed to be, Horton came eerily close to predicting the manner of his death. He believed he would be killed by a drunk. He died on Nov. 5, 1960, in an automobile accident at the Little River bridge on Highway 79. James Evan Davis was driving a pick-up truck that smashed head-on into Horton's car. Horton was alive when ambulances arrived on the scene but died en route to hospital. Davis, the driver of the truck, was charged with intoxication manslaughter; he was drunk at the time of the accident.

How can anybody think Johnny cash can even come close to Hank sr?
Hank sr died at 29 and had alot better song than cash.. The only reason anybody likes cash is because walk the line came out.. He had some good songs but no way is he at all the king of country music.. You can ask any oldtimer and they will tell you Hank was the man..

If Hank Williams had not had his troubles with alcohol and his temper he would have had an even more phenomenal career than he did.Like you say he was an "old" 29 when he died and despite his prolific output of great songs and writing he had just barely tapped his immense potential and talents.Hiram King Williams(his real name) will always be the King of Country Music.Now as far as Johnny Cash.He is a true Icon and a Country Super Star.Not the best voice but great song writer and a charismatic performer.He earned his place among the elite of Country.

Is Hank Williams Looking for a new Gig after Monday Night Football fired him for comparing obama to hitler?
what new gig is this red neck going to go into? the kkk needs some singers i hear or the neo-nazi's hank will fit right in there with his dumb fat red neck self

no, Hank Williams dies Jan 1, 1953 HANK JR is an American icon a legendary music figure who covers all styles of music. Hank jr COMPARED THE GOLF GAME TO Hitler and Netanyahou playing golf....not 0bama to Hitler. it helps if Libs actually informed them selves before they stick their foot in their mouth. Hank jr doesnt need a new gig. Hank jr was correct.

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