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How did H H Holmes Kill

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who do you think is the most creepy serial killer?
I think H.H. Holmes was the creepiest, what do you thinK?

Canadian serial killers Robert Pickton (The pig farmer) and child killer Clifford Olson. Both were pretty notorious. Pickton, fed the female prostitutes he killed to the pigs after grinding them up in a meat grinder. Creepy...

What possible motives are seen in Devil in the White City for H. H. Holmes to kill so many people?
Are there any hints or anything that would make someone think what happened to Holmes to make him a serial killer or why he likes it? I'd prefer it if the answer was from reading the novel Devil in the White City by Erik Larson.

I loved this book and I do not recall any explanation of why Dr. Holmes was a serial killer. You know this is a true story, don't you? When Dr. Holmes was arrested, he told the police: "I was born with the devil in me." He said he could not control his urge to kill.

Where was the first serial killer from and where did he live?
Ok so I was raised in Gilmanton, NH and still reside there and I heard a rumor that the world's first serial killer was from good ol' Gilmanton. wow. I searched it online and found H.H. Holmes was born in Gilmanton,NH but I was curious if anyone new what house?? or if it still exists? This is so creepy...

No one really knows the answer to this questions. Most people feel that serial killing is a new thing, but it is not. Elizabeth Bathory was a Serial killer in England in the middle ages. The truth is it seems to be a new thing because records and prosecutions were not as common. Serial killers could have been confused for the supernatural, as they seem to have no reasons for the killings and nothing to link them to the victims. Or if the victims were slaves or commoners they may not have been really investigated anyway.

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