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How did Geography Affect The Development Of Greece

Geography is one of the major influences on the development of Greece.

Greece is completely surround with mountains and water. The mountains form a natural barrier and influenced the political characteristics of the country. From her early history, Greeks lived in independent communities isolated from one another by the landscape. The landscape is not conducive to farming or cattle. Grapes and olive will grow very well in the climate of Greece.

Asia, Europe, and Africa had easy access to Greece. Shipping was a natural development of the regions. Greece had many islands and great wind that make sailing ships in and out of the region advantageous. As a peninsula, Greece took advantage of the waterways. Greece is known for great navies in the ancient times.

Her climate was excellent. It was ideal for olives and grapes. Wine and oil was and continues to be a great trading currency. What may have been limitations for some, the Greeks used their geographical typography to build one of the few nations to actually rule the whole known world.

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