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How did Evel Knievel Die

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When you die while suing someone, does the lawsuit continue?
Okay so here is the situation. I'm going to provide an example in the media today. Evel Knievel just announced a few days ago that Kanye West settled the lawsuit Evel had against him. Now Evel is dead. But let's say that Kanye didn't settle and the lawsuit was going to go to court--- Now that Evel is dead, would the lawsuit be dropped? Or does his estate now take over?

MG is correct. It probably would continue inter vivos. There are some factors to consider-- for instance the nature of the lawsuit. Generally the estate will continue the suit. In other in other words, the litigator in your example would be the estate of Evel against Kanye West. It happens all the time.

Just wondering is there going to be any outcry because Evel Knievel died from lung disease?
But all because he caught Hepatitus C through a blood transfusion.

I tend to agree that there probably won't be an outcry, unless the transfusion was recent. If I remember correctly, it wasn't till the 80's that the flaws of testing blood for disease before transfusion finally went public. (Remember Ryan White?) IF there is an outcry, it will probably be on the merits of even stricter and more thorough testing of donors/donated blood instead of education on the dangers of taking blood or the push for more doctors to embrace bloodless medicine. For those who want to learn more about the benefits of bloodless medicine, go to Blood is sacred thus the reason for Jehovah's admonition to abstain from blood.

What can you remember about Evel Knievel ?
Evel Knievel died today at the age of 69. I have never been to one of his shows, However, I have seen his stunts before on T.V. As dangerous as they were, they were still very awsome.

Evel Knievel is an American icon. He was a wild hellion daredevil long before Xgames and extreme sports. He tried to jump over the Snake River Canyon in a rocket motorcycle and although failed,lived to tell of it. His colors were red, white and blue and he was All-American to every broken bone in his body. In a time when all there was to talk about was war and Nixon, Ford ,Carter and Regan, there was also the latest Evil Knievel stunt. We may have only had three channels to watch but every person in America tuned in to see what he would do next. His crashes were legendary. It is unbelievable that he lived through any of them. He was certainly not an angel, but he was America, in all its glory, and pride, even when he crashed and burned. They would prop him up and he would proudly proclaim that this was the greatest country in the world.

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