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How did Colonists React To The Proclamation Of 1763

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How did the french and indian war lead to problems b/t the colonies and Great Britain?
Also why did many colonists develop ill feeling toward Great Britain even though they had fought side by side with them (try to use the Proclamation of 1763, new trade regulations, and the pressence of british troops in the colonies)

After the French and Indian War ended in 1763, the French threat was removed. France had to give up her North American empire. The American colonists wanted to settle west of the Allegheny Mountains, especially in the Ohio Valley. But the British Parliament opposed this because they wanted to keep firmer control of the American colonists. Also they didn't want them to settle on Indian lands that would cause Indian revolts. They passed the Proclamation of 1763 prohibiting American settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains. The Quartering Act gave the British permission to have their soldiers stationed in private American homes. But the main reason for the trouble between the British and the Ametrican colonists was that they wanted the Colonists to help pay for the previous French and Indian War. Each time Parliament taxed the Colonists they reacted violently. An example of this was the Stamp Act. As far as trade is concerned the American merchants wanted to trade directly with the Caribbean without having to go through the British. I hope that this has been a help to you.

How did England react to Pontiac’s rebellion following the French and Indian War?
my history teacher didn't really give me much information to go by. I'm pretty sure the british proclamation line of 1763 had to do with it, but I don't know. please help!

The war began in May 1763 when Native Americans, alarmed by policies imposed by British General Jeffrey Amherst, attacked a number of British forts and settlements. Eight forts were destroyed, and hundreds of colonists were killed or captured, with many more fleeing the region. Hostilities came to an end after British Army expeditions in 1764 led to peace negotiations over the next two years. The Natives were unable to drive away the British, but the uprising prompted the British government to modify the policies that had provoked the conflict.

What is the importance of the Proclamation of 1763?
What is the IMPORTANCE (not what it is) of the proclamation of 1763? As detailed as possible please:) thanks guys..

The colonists reacted to the Proclamation with anger and defiance. Defying the prohibition, thousands streamed westward beyond the imaginary boundary line drawn by he British. It was the first of a series of acts by the British government that were met with anger and resistance in the colonies. From the British point of view, each act was justified as a proper method for protecting its colonial empire and making the colonies pay their share of costs for sch protection From the colonist's point of view, each act represented an alarming threat to their cherished liberties and long-established practice of representative government.

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