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Anyone have any theories as to why Antonia Minor, grandmother of Caligula, died? Besides killing herself?
The ancient sources say Antonia Minor killed herself because Caligula refused her counsel, however, the ancient sources as we all know were far from objective, are there any modern theories as to why she killed herself? Or perhaps she died another way? Could it be we don't know for sure how she died?

I believe there is some truth in all the sources. She lived through the glorious reign of Augustus, the dark reign of Tiberius, and then Caligula, her grandson clearly began a reign that indicated he was both overly paranoid as well as mad. After Caligula recovered from his illness, and found that the State had already began making plans in the event that he died, by prepping Marcus Lepidus, Caligula's lover, brother-in-law, and cousin, to assume the principate, Caligula killed Lepidus as well as any others he suspected. When she tried to counsel Caligula, and was cut off by him, it probably became obvious to her that she would not live much longer. Rather than becoming a victim to Caligula, she probably opted to take her own life in response to Caligula's boast to her that he could "treat anyone exactly as he pleased." The fact that Caligula heaped postumous honors on her after her death had nothing to do with his personal feelings for her. It was politically correct for him to do so. The higher the honors of his grandmother, even in death, the more glorious his own position as Emperor.

Can I conclude that caligula was a bad emperor?
I need to do a term paper with a thesis. Now, I have a lot of trouble finding a topic because I need at least 6 scholarly sources. I was wondering, if I read a lot of articles on Caligula, can my thesis be that he was one of the worst emperors for Rome? I mean, is it easy to argue it?

My first answer is yes. For scholarly sources there is his biography in Suetonius, "The Lives of theTwelve Caesars." Caligula is featured in "The Annals" and "The Histories" of Tacitus. If so, then you can line up three scholarly sources. For the rest, you have to search in your public/university library for histories of Rome. My second answer is no. There are other sources, and you have to seek them out, to suggest that Caligula was wrongly judged. When he was killed, the Romans of that time quoted an old proverb, "Those whom the Romans love die young." Persons in Rome hated him. Those in the provinces loved him. He caused his horse, "Incitatus," to be named Consul. Maybe that was to mock Senatorial pretensions. Caligula lived 100 years before Suetonius and Tacitus. Maybe they had axes to grind. If this question interests you, then go to or and buy cheap, used, paperback copies of Suetonius and Tacitus.

can someone give me a summary on who caligula is?
I am not doing a project or anything I was just playing this game on adult swim called viva caligula and I was just wondering who caligula is did he kill millions of people?

He was a Roman Ruler who was deemed by many to be 'insane'. His first 2 years of rule was generous, and normal, but then he started passing laws legalizing prostitution everywhere, and did odd things like putting his horse in a position of power, he was also extremely brutal and starved people to death, publicly executed them, and built bridges instead of buying food for his people. He was hated by most citizens, but the army liked him. 3 tries were made to kill him, one succeeded, and he died, but because the army liked him, his relative came back to power. Nowadays hes a sterotype of a 'insane person in power' and used in that sense

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