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How Did Brazil Get Its Name

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What opposition footie shirts do you own?
I have Celtic, Bayern, Las Palmas, England, Spain and Brazil to name but a few. Do you think it's not loyal to your team having shirts of oppositon?

I have an old Cristiano Ronaldo jersey. The rest are Chelsea. Having a jersey from another team doesn't mean you like them.

In Enlish, What are the Popular Names Used to Differenciate the the Cabbages: Acephala and Capitata?
I am Brazilian. Tell me where you are from, please. In English, what are the popular names native English speakers use to differenciate these two different kinds of cabbages: "Brassica oleracea, group Acephala" and the "Brassica oleracea, group Capitata". In Brazil, the popular name for "Brassica oleracea, group Acephala" is "couve" (green leaves held toguether loosely) In Brazil, the popular name for "Brassica oleracea, group Capitata" is "repolho" (pale green leaves tightly compacted)

In English, the popular name for "Brassica oleracea, group Acephala" is Kale: Sometimes, it is referred to as "spring greens", since it is extremely hardy and you can plant it as soon as the ground is un-frosted (and you can harvest it even past the time of the first snows!!) In English, the popular name for "Brassica oleracea, group Capitata" is simply "cabbage". There are over 70 different cultivars/varieties of cabbage, however - normal, smooth ones, which are the main kind sold in the stores, the red varieties, which i love since they have a better flavor and far more nutrtion, and "Savoy cabbage", which has wrinkled leaves. I am in Canada, and the most popular Brassica oleracea foods here are: ordinary cabbage, with smooth, pale green leaves, broccoli (group "Italica"), brussels sprouts ((Gemmifera Group), and cauliflower (Botrytis Group). I also love collard greens (a type of kale); and kohlrabi (Gongylodes Group - but in most places in Canada these are difficult to find in the stores and expensive. Collard greens are much more popular in the southern USA, for some reason.

What is Mr. James Page Favorite Charity In Brazil Named?
It's the beginning of a new year and my tax adviser is leaning on me to decide what charities I am going support this year. I read that James Page has a foundation in Brazil that helps the children to get off of the street and helps pregnant teens, etc.. What is the name and contact information for that foundation? A URL/Website would be nice. Thank you.

Have you googled him?

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