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How did Ahsoka Die

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How does Asoka fron Star Wars Clone Wars die?
Was she killed during order 66? Did she survive but died of old age? Or did she die on the battlefield?

It's unknown because the series is ongoing. We still don't know how Luke Skywalker died, even though there's stories that take place with his Great (repeat "x" times) grandson Cade Skywalker 137 years after the battle of Yavin (A New Hope's time period). If you want to hear speculation, Ahsoka will probably become a knight at the end of The Clone Wars' series, and go off to places unknown, to be speculated about forever.

What happens to Ahsoka?? She's not in Revenge of the Sith so where did she go?
Does she die or something?? Or are we gonna find out at the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Does anybody know??

I've read pretty much every SW book that has come out and I've never read one that says she fails her trials and runs away ... sounds like a con from SuperShadow. That being said, Ahsoka's final fate is not yet known other than the fact that she dies before the events of ep III. Most "credible rumors", if there is such a thing, have her being another one of the main triggers that sends Anakin towards the dark side. As you can see from the show so far her and Anakin are becoming good friends along with the Master/Padawan relationship. She and Anakin seem to be cut from the same cloth meaning but are headstrong and stubborn. She shares Anakin's tendency to jump into a fight without thinking and that is where the main difference between them will be her demise. Anakin is able to pull his butt out of the fire all the time because of his almost limitless power in the Force. Ahsoka, while pretty powerful in her own right, is no where near as powerful as Anakin and there is going to come a time when she jumps into a fight without thinking and won't jump out of it. Anakin will end up blaming himself for her death just as he blames himself for the death of his mother and this self loathing will be just another of the triggers that sends Anakin on to his dark destiny. We've already seen a little of this during and episode in season to. It's the one where Ashoka is trapped in one of the droid foundries with another padawan and Anakin pretty much wigs out trying to save her. In the end this comes down to what it always comes down to with Star Wars ... "only Lucas knows ..." and he ain't telling. May The Force Be With You ... .

How did Asoka die in Star Wars?
Asoka was not in the third movie so she must have died. but how?

Right at this moment this falls into the category of "Only George Knows" and he ain't telling. This is just my opinion on it, one that you will find many other fans agree with, but I think it is a sure thing that she will die before ep III. She will end up being another of the things that act as a "trigger" to Anakin's fall to the dark side. The main reason why Yoda put her with Anakin is to "calm" him down and make him a little less "reckless" in the way he does things ... as we have seen in the animated series the wise Yoda was very wrong about this. Ahsoka is just as reckless as Anakin and it gets them in over their heads constantly. The problem with this is that Anakin's level of raw power in the Force is off the charts and it is usually his brute strength in the Force that gets him out of the "messes" he gets himself into. Ahsoka, while obviously very powerful (she has to be to keep up with Anakin) does not have that same level of raw Force power and that is what will be her demise in the end. So far in the second season of the show it is very obvious that Anakin cares very deeply for his padawan, not in a "romantic way" but in the master padawan relationship. It can be clearly seen in the episode when she gets trapped underground on Geonosis. It's not just the loyalty to his padawan that has Anakin so desperate to save her. He feels that her death would be his fault because he couldn't save her. The same way he blames himself for his mother's death. By training Ahsoka to be like him, reckless and headstrong, there is going to come a time when Ahsoka rushes headlong into a battle as Anakin has taught her and she will not survive it because she doesn't have his tremendous power in the Force. I see Anakin rushing headlong into it to save her only to have her die in his arms just as his mother did. Anakin will no doubt blame himself for her death ... the episode that it happens in will probably be the best one in the entire run of the series because it will show Anakin take another HUGE step towards the dark side. Whatever battle that happens in will be one for the ages because Anakin will go into the same kind of rage that he went into when his mother died. Whatever enemy force that causes Ahsoka's death will be utterly destroyed by Anakin's rage the same way the Tusken Raiders were. It will be the similarities in these two deaths that will cause Anakin to blame himself for and the results will be the same ... an early glimpse of the avenging monster that he will someday become ... Darth Vader. I feel compelled to comment on the absolutely horrid article at that is linked to the other answer. First and foremost ... how does not knowing about something automatically make it a "plot hole" or "inconsistency" ? In this I'm referring to the fact that we didn't know that Anakin had a padawan until the most recent animated Clone Wars series. This article doesn't even include the fact that there are TWO animated Clone Wars series. There is the Micro Series that came out in 2003 & 2004 and the current running series that was kicked off by the animated movie in August of 2008. One is NOT a remake of the other and they do fit together in a very tight time line of events. The first, and only one so far ... don't even get me going on that fool Traviss, major "goof" in the current running series actually occurred in the 03/11/2010 episode, last Friday night. This was part 3 of the Citadel story arc. In this ep Jedi Master Even Piell dies. The major "goof" is that he is supposed to be around until after the events of ep III dying a year or so after it in the Coruscants Nights book series. If you break it down that means they have had ONE mistake in 65 episodes of the show ... pretty good track record if you ask me. This article uses events in the video games to point out "plot holes" ... this is asinine since the only thing about the games that is actually canon is where they are set in the overall time line ... nothing that happens in the play of the game is canon. TFU is slightly different, There are two books written on this subject ... the events of the books are canon ... nothing else is. May The Force Be With You ... .

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