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How did Abu Uwais Die

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Why do non-Muslims Hate Islam so much?
islaam is not for terrorism. Kill them where you find them, means out of the sacred months, when there is Jihaad and they attack you then fight them. It is not for every time and place.Also it must be a Muslim land, with a Muslim ruler with a Muslim government with a Muslim army. We take the understanding of salaf beginning with the companions of Allaah's Messenger's companions. Not your understanding or the understanding of the Khawaarij Or the understanding of the common muslim for the common Muslim is ignorant and is not smart. The hijaab is meant to preserve chastity. There is no prohibition on a woman working or getting an education. She can go out to the shops to buy what she needs if she wants. Though it is function of the man go out to work, that's why he is created slightly bigger and stronger than th women. Though this does not negate that they are equal. Your laws are now and Allaah knows best still based on what the prophets taught, from the prohibition of murder and theft. The Messenger peace be upon him and his companions never built a factory for the building of weapon not even for daggers. Contrary to what you people have done, long-range missiles, biological warfare and atomic weapons. Look how many died during WW1, over nothing. Look what you did in Vietnam, enforcing your ideology on someone else, by killing them and destroying the environment and raping their women and splitting their country into two. Isn't that terrorism. What about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, are you going to say all those people were deserving of being killed, were they combatants? No! So what right do you call our Prophet peace be upon him a terrorist. As for his marriage to Aisha then know she was only virgin he married. And she was not forced. Puberty decides when a person is ready for marriage not Parliament or Congress. How can you scream and shout when 200 years ago you were doing the same. Your laws and morals change every decade. What is the difference between the core message of our prophet and the rest of messengers? They all called to worship Alllaah alone. How can deny His existence when He created you before when you were nothing. This makes no sense rather it only appeals to your desires but you know He is the One who is the Creator and Sustainer and the Provider and the Lord of all things. What some Muslims did not on 9/11 and 7/7 and what occurred with that Islamic film and this 'Arab Spring' is against Islaam. Islaam has forbade the killing of the ambassador and the killing of those who are under the protection of the Muslims and the non-combatents, from the men women and children and Rabbis and priest and monks and nuns and forbade the rebelling against the ruler. The common Muslim doesn't know what Islaam means or what is Tawheed, so if you have judged Islaam by that then know, you made a poor estimation of the religion of Allaah. Judge Islaam by the Qur'aan and the Sunnah upon the understanding of the righteous predecessors. These so-called Mullahs or Peers or whatever you like to them are astray leading others astray. And those who are upon the Truth, those who really are Sunni, those who really are Salafi. Like the likes of Shaykh Saleh al-Fawzaan in Riyaadh and Shaykh Rabee bin Haadee al-Madkhali in Mekkah and Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree in Medina. Likewise from those western speakers who are upon the truth you have Abu Khadeejah, Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis in Birmingham, UK, Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafeeq in Middles borough, and Hasan as-Somali in Cardiff and Philidelphia, we have the recordings of Abu Uwais Abdullaah Ahmed Ali, and Abu Talhah Dawud Burbank. Also we have now Musa Richadson on Toronto, Cananda and Dawud Adib and Abul Hasan Maalik from the USA and Abdulillah Lahmami. They do onot call to kill, if I never heard these people or met them I dont know what I would be upon, I might ahve aposated or joined the Khawaarij in their terrorism and all Praise is for Allaah who guided me to the straight path. Debate with these people and refute them and record and show it to us if you are truthful. My question is in the light of all this why then do you attack and hate Allaah and His Messenger peace be upon him and Islaam? Not a Chance without Jesus- that is an innovated principle of yours, it is rejected from he time of the Prophet peace be upon him to now. Cray- Look to the Qur'aan and Sunnah they tell you to go to the people of knowledge, they are firstly the companins, those are still on that way are few, they are the indivuals above Jellani - The Muslims are ingorants especially theiir clerics, or they re evil and stray Messiah- there is only one interpretation the way of the Salaf, I don't know what religion you are talking about, Islaam doesn't order torture people, stop taking Sayed Qutb and Mawdoodi as your scholars of Islaam obviously you didn't read the whole question, look at all people who burned and torturred in Middle Age Europe in the name of Christianity Das_Borg- Majority of Muslims are Stupid and Ignorant. The question is about Islaam not Muslims. If the question said Muslims, then you would be right. Nous - The fight between Shi'a and non-Shi'a is over creed and belief not politics

in morocco (the atlas mountains) muslims destroyed 8000yr old ancient drawings . in afghanistan they blew up 2000yr old statues of buddha pakistan they declared two weeks ago a public holiday to protest the youtube video ....resulting in 60 dead and hundreds wounded .....christians never rioted when charlton heston played moses and god ! nor did they riot murder and burn when george burns played god in the movie "Oh God" .....everyday we read of mass murder , bombings , honour killings , decapitations riots , crime , social unrest plots and plans to disrupt western values in every country that the muslim has immigrated to there is the Highest crime , highest murder , highest unemployment , highest social unrest , gangs , rapes , riots and the usual intimidations and No go zones islamic crime norway , or sweden or holland or england , or germany , or spain , or the best is france ! .....and you wonder why islam is hated ? .... dont forget the 14yr old pakistani girl who was shot in the head because she refused to become a prostitute ......and the other girl in recient news who just wanted to be educated ...... and lets not forget the middle eastern crimes of bashing/raping/abusing of maids and workers from the phillipines and indonesia ................this my islamic friend is islams evewryday work schedule ...

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